china old pottery water dropper The Tretiak Collection 8000.00 rmb
china old monkey toggle The Tretiak Collection Pending
Pair of Stone Magnolia Plants with Cloissonne Pot Zentner Collection $2,000.00
A small Pashtun beaded bag Galerie Ariana $300.00
china desk ornament stone or wood republican The Tretiak Collection 5000.00 rmb
Yuji Yoshimura and Alfred Koehn Bonsai Archive with Woodblock Print Era Woodblock Prints $225.00
china old wine warmer porcelain jingdezhen The Tretiak Collection s0ld
Cambodian Silver Angkor Thom design Box Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $300.00
A pair of vintage purses from Katawaz (Ghazni province) Galerie Ariana $400.00
A finely worked beaded purse from Katawaz Galerie Ariana $160.00
china old fly whisk handle rug beater boxwood The Tretiak Collection 7000.00 rmb
Paul Jacoulet Japanese Woodblock Print - The Mandarin with Glasses Era Woodblock Prints $900.00
china old root brushpot late qing The Tretiak Collection 13000.00 RmB
china yixing winepot marks early republican The Tretiak Collection Pending
large jade dragon pendant necklace Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $350.00
china brass Monkey toggle mid Qing The Tretiak Collection 9999.00 rmb
china old Root flying bat brings wealth zitan stand The Tretiak Collection 8000.00 rmb