New Guinea, Sepik, Amulet mask Galerie Lemaire €150.00
Sentani, chalck container with spatula Galerie Lemaire €1,000.00
New Guinea, Papuan Gulf, Marupai Galerie Lemaire €1,750.00
Collingwood bay, Neckrest Galerie Lemaire €1,500.00
New Guinea, Asmat, Jipae Galerie Lemaire €650.00
Papua new Guinea, Sepik, top of a paddle Galerie Lemaire €750.00
Papua New Guinea, Sepik, Miniature mask Galerie Lemaire €2,500.00
Papua New Guinea, Abelam, Yam mask Galerie Lemaire €250.00
Asmat statue Galerie Lemaire €900.00
vanuatu slit drum ,ambrym"atingting galerie Cecile Kerner
Sepik River wooden rafter hook Mark Mlodoch World Art $600.00
Sepik River 'birdman' figure. Mark Mlodoch World Art $250.00
Sepik River Mask from Papua New Guinea circa 1920-1970 Intandane Ltd t/a 69A GBP 175.00
papau new guinea carved wood mask Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Solomon Islands ornate MOP model canoe on dolphin Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Pair of Igorot hand carved hardwood bookends Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Sepik River wooden figure Mark Mlodoch World Art Sold
Carved Hardwood Tattooed Maori Plaque circa 1920-1950 Intandane Ltd t/a 69A Sold