Maori Club Mahaiki Patu - 20th Century - Exceptional Quality Carving E & M Perez $235.00
Ifugao Figural Carved Ladel - 3 Bululs - Luzon Phillipines 1940's E & M Perez $345.00
Yam Mask, Abelam, Papua New Guinea, ca. 1960’s. Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art €275.00
Papua New Guinea Mount Hagen axe Galerie Lemaire €750.00
Papua New Guinea, Papuan Gulf , club Galerie Lemaire €900.00
Daggers amirault island galerie Cecile Kerner
Papua New Guinea Mask Abhaya Asian Antiques $260.00
Papua New Guinea, Collingwood bay, Tapa cloth Galerie Lemaire €450.00
Samoa, Tapa cloth Galerie Lemaire €300.00
Samoa, tapa cloth Galerie Lemaire €300.00
2 Ancestors, Abelam, Papua New Guinea Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art €2,200.00
Papua, Asmat, dish Galerie Lemaire €750.00
Papua, Asmat, figure Galerie Lemaire €500.00
New Guinea, Sepik, Bag Galerie Lemaire €600.00
New Guinea, Highlands, Bag Galerie Lemaire €250.00
An April River spirit board, Upper Sepik; Papua New guinea galerie Cecile Kerner €950.00
a dani tribe shell necklace west papua galerie Cecile Kerner €900.00
Admiralty Island, Necklace Galerie Lemaire €1,500.00