Maedate helmet ornament, bonji Fudo Myoo, Japan 19th c Welcome To Another Century Inquire
Old Indian Miniature Bronze Statue of Bala Krishna. Galerie Hafner $420.00
shipping included
A Mangal man's coat from Afghanistan Galerie Ariana On Request
A wedding textile from northern Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $400.00
A hinggi from East Sumba, Indonesia - mid 20th century Galerie Ariana $500.00
Tsuchiya Koitsu Japanese Woodblock Print - Benkei Bridge Era Woodblock Prints $600.00
Chinese Small Fine Jadeite Lotus Leaf Dish The Zentner Collection $3,500.00
Tsuchiya Koitsu Japanese Woodblock Print - Mt. Fuji at Kawaguchi Era Woodblock Prints $750.00
Buddha Asuka B 40/50 1955 Kiyoshi Saito Woodblock Print Spoils of Time $2,900.00
Large Bronze Buddha and Chinese Child Tokugawa Antiques $595.00
Wood sculpture, man, woman, Japan, Taisho era Welcome To Another Century Inquire
Pair Cloisonne Gold Gilt Chinese Hat Stand Vases June Hastings $750.00
china plaque qing 1890s The Tretiak Collection 30,000.00 rnb
Antique Japanese Pair Daruma Kutani Sake Flasks Kodo Arts $225.00
Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Plique-a-Jour Vase Golden Age Antiques $295.00
Japanese Haribako, Sewing Box Tokugawa Antiques $140.00
Chinese Hardwood Tiered Box With Handle The Zentner Collection $1,250.00
Tall Wooden Angel Catholic Church Philippines June Hastings $1,200.00