Duncan Miller Crystal 2 Part LEAF RELISH Blue Handle Strait's Antiques $28.00
Omega 16mm Logo Buckle Constellation Series 18mm CROCODILE Calf Strap Watch Company $44.50
Hazel Atlas Crystal FLORENTINE 2 Ruffled CREAM SOUP Strait's Antiques $35.00
A pair of embroidered dress bands from Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $70.00
A young shepherd's coat from Nuristan, Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $450.00
A vintage lady's hat from Bamiyan, Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $175.00
ART DECO STERLING SILVER NAPKIN RING 1930 Antiques and Decor by Fiona $60.00
Superb Art Deco Cube STERLING SILVER MUSTARD POT & SALT CELLAR Fiona Kenny Antiques $225.00
Antique Japanese Hand-Hammered Copper Flower Vase Kodo Arts $480.00
Antique Chinese Hardwood Side Table Zentner Collection $1,000.00
Chinese Export Silver Bowling Trophy by Wang Hing Company. Galerie Hafner $320.00
shipping included
A child's hat from Indus Kohistan Galerie Ariana $150.00
Afghan Painted Hunting Cloth "Chireh". Galerie Hafner $220.00
/ shipping included
New Rolex Watch Serial No. I.D. Tag. Genuine RA Watch Company $9.95
Cambridge Rosepoint 11" Square Bowl Two J's $96.00