A Rare and Imposing Song Dynasty Yaozhouyao Meiping Vase ART CHINA LEGACY $850.00
Antique Chinese Table Zentner Collection $2,750.00
Kohagi Gohon Chawan on a Bajouhai Nui Studios Kyoto $875.00
china old stone frog The Tretiak Collection
Half Spindle Mirror Frame, Americam, circa 1850 M. Finkel & Daughter $225.00
Burmese 19thc Lacquered and Gilt Bird Box with Mirror what pdx $695.00
China baboo toggle The Tretiak Collection
Painted fruitwood box, English, circa 1840 M. Finkel & Daughter $600.00
Grand Tour Bronze Casket, Ca.1875 Gideon Antiques $350.00
Conta Boehm Dogs Fairing Match Strike Trinket Box Katherine Walker Griffith Antiques, Ltd. $285.00
Antique Japan Meiji Period Sterling Silver Picture Frame 1880-1900 Fiona Kenny Antiques $300.00
china old zhuan ji rosewood The Tretiak Collection
china old pair of combs old The Tretiak Collection
China old monkeys toggle The Tretiak Collection
Wooden Trencher Bowl, American, 19th century M. Finkel & Daughter $150.00
ARTS & CRAFTS WOOD FRAME - c.1900 carol lane antiques $150.00
Pair of American Whimsey Carved Mirrors, circa 1890 M. Finkel & Daughter $1,600.00