Fostoria Chintz Round Nappy Two J's $16.00
Several pieces of carved Ming to Qing old Artistic pieces Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $75.00
Antique Chinese Purple and clear Peking glass snuff bottle v6 what pdx $225.00
cgba old holuy The Tretiak Collection qaing en
Japanese orotone photograph of Itsukushima Shrine what pdx $1,245.00
china tin teapot old The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Sumatra | Calligraphic batik with birds (batik tulisan Arab) Spottiswoode Gallery $450.00
Danish Silver plated Repousse and Glass Frog, Flower arrangement Bowl Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $125.00
Fostoria Crystal CENTURY 6 Inch ICE TEA TUMBLER Strait's Antiques Sold
Maedate, helmet ornament, monster, Japan, 20th c. Welcome To Another Century Inquire
Beehive Dark Amber Kerosene Lamp Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company J S Antiques $175.00
Antique 1860 Silver Repoussé Match Safe with Shield Sina's Antiques and Fine Arts $295.00
Fratelli Toso Gondola shaped Starry Nights Bowl Echo Beach Glass $900.00
Pallme-Konig Iridescent Vase Antiques On Bardwell $425.00