Japanese antique ikebana vase in cast bronze what pdx $445.00
Chinese 19thc carved wood Buddhist house God sculpture v7 what pdx $295.00
Late 19th c Burmese temple altar offering stand what pdx $145.00
Tibetan Buddhist repousse copper mandella of Avalokiteswara what pdx $895.00
19thc Hindu white marble Saraswati statue what pdx $765.00
Late 19thc Hindu painted soapstone Deity of a sun Goddess v9 what pdx $695.00
18-19thc Hindu temple statue of Ganesha what pdx $895.00
18-19thc Hindu shrine figure of Ganesha in white marble what pdx $825.00
19th c Hindu red sandstone sculpture of Hanuman what pdx $695.00
Hindu Temple statue of Brahma in white marble 18-19thc what pdx $825.00
Set of Silver Tankard Cocktail Jiggers Cherub Antiques Gallery $1500.00
Portfolio "4 Seasons of Kyoto Geisha Girls" by Sadanobu III Galerie Hafner $420.00
/ shipping included
Ming Dynasty Gilt wood statue of a seated deity what pdx $695.00
Antique Burmese Shan seated Buddha in wood and red lacquer what pdx $225.00
Ming Dynasty wood ancestor carving of a seated gentleman v7 what pdx $685.00
Thailand 19th c wood lacquer and gilt figure kneeling attendant v5 what pdx $225.00
Rattanakosin 19thc gilt bronze seated Buddha v8 what pdx $675.00
Rattanakosin cast bronze seated Buddha what pdx $595.00