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similar to 20th C Multi-Color Marble Sculpture Child With Basket Statue

All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1980 item #1467341 (stock #BNJmultiMarb)
June Hastings
Elaborately crafted natural marble figure of a child carrying a basket of flowers while holding one flower in their hand. This statue is handcrafted in various types of marble and stone. Mid-20th century. Weighs about 350 lbs and measures 42" high
All Items : Antiques : Instruments and Implements : Timepieces : Pocket Watches : Pre 1920 item #1473115 (stock #4089)
Watch Company
Most desirable solid 14k Pink, Yellow, White and Rose color Gold inlay and overlap engravings featuring The Bust of an ELK. This mint condition rare multicolor also features a fancy porcelain dial. The original movement is an ELGIN 15 jewel, pendent set serial No. 21,828,772, which dates this watch to 1918. THIS IS A FINE COLLECTIBLE. DON'T INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET, BITCOIN, BONDS. BUY HARD ASSETS, SOMETHING PROVEN IN TIME.

NOTE: We have been selling vintage watches on E-Bay sin...
All Items : Dolls : Vintage Dolls : Hard Plastic : Pre 1950 item #1380659
Extremely Rare Poupee (doll) from the Louis Vuitton Toy Shop. Made from a type of plastic (possibly celluloid) with delicate hand painted features, dressed in a detailed regional costume of Bretagne (Brittany). The costume appears to be of a style found in the area around Pont Aven. The face of the doll is of a mature woman not a child. The dolls wig appears to be of human hair and is in a pulled back style. The headdress is of stiffened lace, as is the wide collar of the dress. The dress itself...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Glass : American : Art Glass : Pre 1940 item #1333182
David Anthony
Outstanding multi-colored and threaded art glass vase by Durand. Gorgeous golden yellow ground flows into grapefruit pink glass with applied glass threading. The vase is in excellent condition and approximately 8 1/4" h. Though unsigned, this vase corresponds with many known Durand pieces using this decorative technique and color scheme. An alternative maker would be Steuben, but were are 99% certain that this vase is by Durand, and American glass maker operating 1924-31. We pack with expert ...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pre 1900 item #1471791 (stock #BNJgauBox)
June Hastings
An unusual Tibeto-Chinese cloisonne gau box having a domed and hinged cover with a multi-colored scroll pattern surrounding a central cartouche. The cartouche features the Tibetan character “hum” which translates as “the spirit of enlightenment” or “the enlightened mind”. This gau would have been worn by a high ranking lama. An almost identical gau, which most likely came from the same workshop, comprised lot 428 of Christie’s New York, ‘The Scholar’s Vision: The Pal Famil...
All Items : Fine Art : Mixed Media : Sculptural : Pre 1900 item #1445786 (stock #1892)
L'Enfant Gallery
Price on Request
(Consignment). Milanese marble sculpture of a Bedouin Princess signed and dated 1881 by Carlos Vessina, White Carrera marble measuring 29.5 inches tall, 20 inch width, 8 inch deep
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Baskets : Pre 1940 item #1451198 (stock #J639)
Haruko Watanabe
Bamboo flower basket with a water container (otoshi) which is also made of bamboo. Otoshi has no water leaking and has nice color. The basket is in excellent condition except for a minor break near bottom and body (5mm north). The first half of the 20th century. H:41cm, W:24cm, Otoshi H:20cm, Diameter:13cm
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Porcelain : Pre 1492 item #1199019 (stock #lot1041)
Hu's Collection
Price on Request
A charming porcelain statue was rarely found from an old collection.
In amusing subject of Mother and Child, this statue was put in the famous Chinese antique magazine Art and Collection - May edition, to celebrate the international Mother's Day of May.
It was well preserved without any crack-lines and was free from any restorations.
Of course, due to long time of burial, some abrasions were caused to the surface (see details).
Burial earth and dry plant roo...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1427304 (stock #WN271)
Galerie Hafner
A Japanese studio porcelain okimono of Daruma (the legendary Chinese Buddhist monk Bodhidharma), dating to the first half of the 20th C. The long robe with thick celadon glaze, the face with fierce expression, the ears with movable earrings. Base with sealmark. Condition: fine, one ear with firing crack. Dimension: 22.8 cm high, weight: 1.2 kg.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Scholar Art : Pre 1920 item #1122634 (stock #3430)
Bamboo Grove
This early 20th century carved jade brush rest is 8 ¾” long, 3” high and 1 ¼” thick. It depicts three playful PiXiu facing each other. PiXiu are Chinese mythical creatures who are considered to be very powerful protectors in the practice of Feng Shui. Not only can they protect an individual or a family, they will also draw wealth from all directions. The PiXiu resembles a winged lion and is the ninth offspring of the dragon. It has a pair of bulging eyes, a long, bushy tail and one ...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Furniture : Pre 1920 item #1285996 (stock #2A134D)
Chinese Blackwood and gray color Natural mottled Marble top round Stool/table, later part of 1800's, 17 1/2" high, 13" diameter on top, carved apron with curved legs connected with stretchers, no nails were used, and shows some wood separations between joints, this stool is solid and heavy piece of furniture.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Sculpture : Pre AD 1000 item #1276506 (stock #609)
Antique Stones Japan
Price on Request
Shingi (lit. "heart wood") wooden core of a seated Bosatsu (Skt. Bodhisattva) sculpted in either clay or dry lacquer (Jp. mokushin kanshitsu). Nara Period ca. 750. Minor old loss and insect damage.

Height, including bi-level wooden stand: 69.5 cm
Height of shingi only: 65 cm
Width of stand: 30.5 cm
Depth of stand: 24 cm.

All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Pre 1900 item #1102875
Zentner Collection
Large and beautiful Burmese dry lacquer seated buddha, black lacquer with gold gilt, decorated all over with inlaid mirrors and colored glass, compassionate expression.

A mudra in Buddhist statues is a gesture and body posture holding special meaning and commemorating a few of the important moments in the Buddha’s life. One of the most common and popular mudra found depicted in Buddha statues is the Bhumisparsha, translated as the "touching earth gesture". The gesture represent the ...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Pre 1900 item #1470872 (stock #BNJlochtPtg)
June Hastings
Small English oil on board landscape painting in period frame by E Locht and dated 18?8. Colors are vibrant. In excellent antique condition, it measure including frame 14.5ʺ wide × 11ʺ high
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Paintings : Pre 1800 item #1417272 (stock #1569)
Dragon's Pearl
An exquisitely painted Buddhist icon in ink and colors on silk representing the Eleven-headed Kannon surrounded by the protecting spirits of the Scripture of Great Wisdom. Very good silk mounting with original brass fittings. Middle Edo, c. 1750–60. L 200 cm, W 73 cm. Picture frame: L 118 cm, W 56 cm. Condition: Good, clear colors. Minor cracks to left top.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Sculpture : Pre 1800 item #1462355 (stock #970)
Antique Stones Japan
Price on Request
A female deva (Jp. ten) holding a vajra staff (Jp. kongou houbou) in both hands, standing upon a rock-form dais and rectangular plinth, and backed by a halo-type mandorla (Jp. zu-ko), the entirety encased in a protective display case (Jp. zushi) in plain wood original to the sculpture. Yosegi-zukuri joined-block wooden construction, eyes of inset crystal, crown and necklace in gilt-copper and colored glass, finished in natural-pigment polychrome and gilt. Mid-Edo Period ca. 1750. Excellent condi...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Okimono : Pre 1930 item #1473252 (stock #12446)
t a t a m i


Old Japanese pottery ‘Maneki-neko’ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maneki-neko), Taisho period, early 20th century, Kanazawa area, approx. H 22 x W 11 x D 13cm (8.66 x 4.33 x 5.11in). Black-colored maneki-neko is said that the charm from the evil coming over through the night, and its raising-up left arm effects for the trouble with human relations. Impressive sharp facial expression that keeps off the evil. Fine scratche...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Okimono : Pre 1970 item #1472765 (stock #05431)
t a t a m i


Ceramic. Showa period, mid-late 20th century, Japan. H 16 x 12 x 10cm (6.29 x 4.72 x 3.93in). Well described facial expression with such detailed coloring. Pathetic old man...

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