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T. Castillo Mexican Talavera Pottery Man in Moon Wall Art Cheshire Cat Gallery $48.00
Antique Japanese Art Deco Ceramic Kame Water Container The Kura $500.00
Spectacular Kuro Bizen Vase by Isezaki Koichiro Quality Chadogu Sold
Stunning Celadon Koro by Living National Treasure Nakajima Hiroshi Quality Chadogu Sold
Must See !! Matsui Koyo Large Neriage Tsubo Quality Chadogu Sold
Red Stripe Hand-blown Art Glass Bottle by Nakashima Yasushi Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Gorgeous Kobayashi Mitsugi Art-Glass Mosaic Plate Modern Japanese Ceramics $350.00
Stunning Kobayashi Mitsugi Art-Glass Kozara Plate Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Exhibited Hand-blown Art-Glass Plate, Nakashima Yasushi Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Museum Quality Plate by Living National Treasure Shimaoka Tatsuzo Quality Chadogu Sold
Kakurezaki Ryuichi Shiro Bizen Chawan Tea Bowl Quality Chadogu On Request
Art-Deco Japanese Kutani Porcelain Vase The Kura $400.00
Bizen Yohen Chaire by Fujiwara Ken Quality Chadogu Pending
Must See! Oribe Vase by Higashida Shigemasa Quality Chadogu Sold
Spectacular Ikeda Shogo Kohiki Chawan Tea Bowl Quality Chadogu Sold
Superb Contemporary Hakuji Chaire Tea Caddy by Wada Akira Quality Chadogu $580.00
Living National Treasure Matsui Kosei Neriage Tsutsu Chawan Quality Chadogu Sold
Unattainable Wada Morihiro Exhibited Modern Japanese Chaire Tea Caddy Quality Chadogu Sold