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Tibetan or Nepalese Buddhistic Thangka / Tangka Global Ceramics $450.00
18th c. Nehanzu, Mid Edo p. Painting, Death of the Buddha The Kura $3,500.00
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Fine Old Chinese Spinach Jade Carved Laughing Buddha Chinese Scholar Stone $100.00
EATEN-JIZO t a t a m i $250.00
Tiny zushi Buddhist shrine, Bishamonten with sword and pagoda, Japan Welcome To Another Century $750.00
Antique, Rare Tsatsa Clay Image of Dhyani-buddha Akshobya Dragon's Pearl $500.00
An Antique Chinese Gilt Painted Wood Carved Deity Statue Chinese Scholar Stone $350.00
FLAME-HALOS t a t a m i $250.00
Antique Buddhist Altar Stand Lacquered Keyaki Lotus & 4 Petal Vajra Zentner Collection $1,250.00
Asian Buddhist group lot Figures and bell what pdx $145.00
Buddhist Charms Abhaya Asian Antiques $280.00
Yellow bronze cylindrical gong, kane, Zenshoji temple, Japan Welcome To Another Century $800.00
Chinese Song Dynasty Pottery Molded Buddha GuYi Asian Art and Antiques $125.00