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Chinese Cloisonné and Sterling Silver Snuff Bottle 18th/19th C Bear and Raven Antiques $850.00
Fabalous Large Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vase signed Gonda Golden Age Antiques $7500.00
Japanese Ginbari Cloisonne Vase with Chrysanthemun, Meiji. Galerie Hafner $290.00
shipping included
Chinese Cloisonne Belt Ornament - Qing Dynasty 19C. JJ Oriental $385.00
Chinese Cloisonné and Hardwood Box Late Qing/Early Republic Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €850.00
Beautiful Small Japanese Cloisonne Vase Signed Kawaguchi Bunzaeoman Golden Age Antiques $975.00
Fine Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Teapot - Namikawa Style Golden Age Antiques $2950.00
A Striking Cloisonne Gin Bari Button 19th C Leslie Antiques Ltd. Sold
An Uncommon Japanese Ginbari Button 19th c Leslie Antiques Ltd. $495.00
A Nice Cloisonne 19th c Ginbari Button Leslie Antiques Ltd. $475.00
A Fine Gin-Bari Cloisonne Button of Cherry Blossoms 19th c Leslie Antiques Ltd. Sold
Japanese Kyoto Shippo Cloisonne Enamel Koro, Meiji. Galerie Hafner $630.00
shipping included
Pair of Chinese antique cloisonne bronze horse stirrups Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts Sold
Japanese Cloisonne Bottle Ginbari Foil Flowers Circa 1900 Palmrose Asian Antiques $195.00
Japanese Cloisonne Incense Burner Circa 1900 Palmrose Asian Antiques Sold
Old Japanese Sumida Todi Cloisonne Cover Jar Shishi Fu Dog Lion 2ezr Inquire
19th Century, Qing Dynasty, Chinese Bronze Cloisonne Vase AntiqueTica.com On Request
A Pair Fine Kyoto Shippo Cloisonne Vases by Takahara, Meiji Period. Galerie Hafner $730.00
shipping included