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William Spratling Hummingbird Necklace Sterling Silver Riverside Vintage Silver $4,200.00
Antonio Pineda Taxco Mexican Modernist Onyx 970 Silver Cufflinks Little Mexican Silver Shop $150.00
JGD Mexico City Coral Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings Little Mexican Silver Shop $125.00
Colonial Inspired Mexican Silver Filigree Pearl Garnet Earrings Swallows Trail $235.00
Los Castillo Azur Malachite Sterling Silver Bracelet Taxco Little Mexican Silver Shop $625.00
Mexican Deco silver amethyst multi-row beaded Bracelet One Good Eye Silver $395.00
Folk Wear Inspired Mexican Silver Chandelier Earrings Turquoise Swallows Trail $165.00
Delightful Vintage Mexican Silver Turquoise Necklace Fred Davis Swallows Trail $515.00
Special Vintage Mexican Silver Carved Agate Bracelet Mexico City Swallows Trail $175.00
Chunky Classic Interlocking Link Mexican Silver Bracelet Amethyst Swallows Trail $435.00
Ledesma design Mexican silver amethyst modernist Necklace One Good Eye Silver $300.00
vintage Mexican silver early mod hinged Bangle Bracelet One Good Eye Silver $165.00
Early Vintage Mexico City Amethyst Silver Mexican Bracelet Swallows Trail $575.00
Marvelous Rare Vintage Mexican Silver Bracelet Maestra Margot de Taxco Swallows Trail $650.00
Antonio Pineda 970 Silver Taxco Mexican Wave Bracelet Little Mexican Silver Shop $2,800.00
Wide Vintage Amethyst Silver Mexican Bracelet Art Deco Aztec Inspired Swallows Trail $265.00
Beautiful, Wide Hand Made Curb Link Mexican Silver Necklace Swallows Trail $935.00
Beautiful Amethyst and Silver Vintage Mexican Silver Bracelet FD Style Swallows Trail $785.00