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19th C. Chinese Silver Jade Stopper & Embellished Stones snuff bottle Asian Art Online $315.00
Enameled Silver Metal Snuff Bottle, 19th C. Former Coll of Sylvia H Forestangel Asian Antiques $975.00
Enameled Porcelain Snuff Bottle, Jingdezhen Kilns, 1810-1870, Former Forestangel Asian Antiques $1,250.00
Chinese, Qing Dynasty, SPINACH JADE SNUFF BOTTLE Forestangel Asian Antiques $1,250.00
Very Rare Pattern, AMYGDALOIDAL BASALT Snuff Bottle, 18/19 C. Forestangel Asian Antiques Sold
DENDRITIC CHALCEDONY Snuff Bottle, 18th/19th Century Forestangel Asian Antiques $1,250.00
18th C. Chinese, Fossilized Tooth SNUFF BOTTLE Forestangel Asian Antiques Sold
18th C. Chinese, NEPHRITE Chicken Bone or Calcified Jade SNUFF BOTTLE Forestangel Asian Antiques $1,250.00
Very Rare, Cylindrical Jade SNUFF BOTTLE, 1740-1840 Forestangel Asian Antiques $2,450.00
19th C Chinese Rock Crystal Snuff Bottle Jar with Qilin June Hastings $1,800.00
overlay glass snuff bottle. Qing dynasties Conservatoire Sakura $1,500.00
Jadeite Apple Green and White Table Size Snuff Bottle June Hastings $2,800.00
19th C Chinese Amethyst and Rock Crystal Quartz Snuff Bottle June Hastings $1,200.00
Superb inscribed Antique Chinese Yixing snuff bottle, dating c. 1880 Senatus Consulto $495.00
Attractive 18th c. Chinese silver mounted Walnut Snuff bottle Senatus Consulto $395.00
Peking glass overlay snuff bottle Pink Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $295.00