Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I log-in?

A: Trocadero store accounts log-in at or from the link at the bottom of our home page.

Q: From where may I contact Trocadero?

A: You may leave a message with us from

Q: Do I need to register in order to shop?

A: No. We will be introducing registration to maintain a wishlist and to bid on auctions. But it is not necessary to shop with our sellers.

Q: Why am I receiving inquiry/order notification that I have not provided my e-mail correctly (though the notice is delivered)?

A: If your e-mail is not provided correctly, the seller may not be able to close communications with you. We request the e-mail in duplicate on inquiry/order forms for this reason. And we message you when there is not a match. If you receive subsequent confirmation, you may disregard messages from earlier errors.

Q: What do I do if a seller does not respond?

A: Contact us from inquiry/order messaging received by e-mail. We cannot always assure a response, but we can inquire with the seller. There is usually a plausible explanation.

Q: Who is party to a transaction?

A: Only the seller and buyer. Trocadero does not act as middleman and takes no commission on retail sales.

Q: What do I need in order to sell on Trocadero?

A: If you are able to take digital pictures and to browse sites and pages on the Internet, then you should be able to join and sell on Trocadero. A scanner may suffice to substitute for a digital camera.

Q: I have initiated registration but have not received a confirming e-mail in order to complete registration?

A: Possibly you made an error when inputting your e-mail address. Contact us with your issue and we will research it.

Q: I am attempting to complete my registration am messaged that the username or password is incorrect?

A: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive on the venue. Be certain that you are providing your username precisely as you created it. And when setting your password, be sure to type in the temporary passcode and your permanent password. Copying and pasting may introduce errors.

Q: Why does my homepage not seem to complete when I am first creating it?

A: Be sure that all required fields are completed in each section. When trying to create your homepage, it will tell you which required fields are lacking and under what section they may be found.

Q: My first items are not showing up?

A: Site configuration elections and files are set up with a new member's first actions. First items take a bit longer to appear for this reason. With the second regularly scheduled update (more frequent for higher level accounts), listings will update to the member's catalog more quickly.

How To Use Our Features

Search Notes

- Qualify your search: Our search bar appears on most venue pages. By default all of queried. You may narrow the breadth and scope of your search by certain parameters available after initial search results from venue pages.

- Filtering your search: The filter works on "prior to" dates. If you are a purist period furniture and accessory enthusiast, for instance, who will only consider early 19th century objects and earlier, then you may select "pre 1837" (in appropriate directories of course) and you will be spared distractions you can't seem to avoid elsewhere.

- Sorting your search: You may sort your search by when items were added to ensure fresh content or to review older listings. You may also sort by price. This will suit various users in different ways. One may look for a bargain or may look for the most expensive items first to access higher quality objects more quickly. And now you may include or exclude Archives (sold items - excluded by default from search results.)

- Keywords: Keyword searches are on titles, item numbers, and a limited number of transparent keywords entered by the dealer to keep database applications manageable and search results meaningful.

- Boolean Functions: You may use Boolean functions when searching. One may search for "Japanese" only to get all qualifying items, "Japanese and bronze" to get only Japanese bronze items, "Japanese or Chinese" to get all Japanese and Chinese objects, or "Japanese and not bronze" if you like Japanese art but don't particularly care for bronzes. Take care to consider that longer and more complex expressions may severely limit results.

Joining Trocadero

Sellers choose Trocadero because it is a credible marketplace. The Trocadero community and management uphold the values that make it attractive both to shoppers and to sellers.

You don't have to be a computer expert to use our registration and site maintenance features. If you are comfortable with your operating system and the internet then you should be ready to go. There will be plenty of opportunity to contact us if you have questions while using our services.  

1) Registering an Account

All the features to join Trocadero are on this website. Our "Join Us" page gives you more information including services, cost and what you will need. From there you are taken to our registration process which is also online, interactive and self-explanatory. You should not need to call anyone or wait for long. The registration process should take just a few minutes. During the registration process, you will receive automated email instructions each step of the way. If you require assistance, you may reply to any of these emails to receive registration support.  

2) Homepage Management

Creating your home page - at least a temporary one - is accomplished after registration from a selection of template choices. You will be able to save your inputs and to return later to complete the template of choice. And you will be able to make changes when desired - to your choice of template and to inputs (which convey from one template to another.)

If you already have a custom designed home page - or will have one made - you can (after registration and setup using our standard templates) inquire into adapting your custom homepage design to our template process ($55 per hour - one to two hours typical) or using our FTP feature to upload changes. We also provide design services.  

3) Adding, Editing and Deleting Records

Catalog Maintenance on Trocadero is accomplished by the member, while online and logged in, with our interactive pages (inline instructions included). If you are intending to illustrate your items, you would benefit from having a digital camera or scanner and familiarity with its use. It might also be helpful to be able to edit your digital images in preparation for use online. Our catalog maintenance features automatically size and compress your catalog and thumbnail photos. This greatly reduces your effort and your dependence on various software applications.  

4) Selling on Trocadero

You handle your own sales. Trocadero does not take commissions. Your email (or telephone number) is, at your option, listed with your items. Most often, interest is expressed via email or (for e-commerce accounts) our secure server inquiry process. Occasionally a client is more comfortable telephoning and interest might sometimes come with a comment to your guestbook. If you contract with someone to manage a site for you, they could relay email messages for you. We recommend, whichever way you handle your site, that you post prices (although not required) as there may be less anxiety for a client not needing to request a price.

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