Join us - Marketing your business on Trocadero, starting from only $24 per month

Now you can begin selling on Trocadero from $24 per month with our introductory Business level account. Use it to set up and get started at less cost before upgrading. But there is no hurry: Stay at the Business level as long as you need. Or hover at the Business level when you are on vacation or otherwise less active.

A shop on Trocadero reaches a qualified market for antiques, art and collectibles. Cross promote your gallery presence, trade shows, social media and other online activities or home business with a Trocadero shop. And now reach more shoppers, more often with a mobile-friendly catalog and exposure in Google Shopping for qualifying listings. Sell from our specialized categories to visitors looking for what you are offering.

Three levels of service are now available - Enterprise, E-Commerce or Business. Listings from Enterprise members and E-Commerce members appear together in venue category pages. Listings from Business accounts appear later in more active venue category pages as they begin showing a day after added (but right away in the member's own catalog.) An account may have up to 400 listings before extra listing costs apply ($8 per additional block of 100 listings).

All account levels enjoy free support (for account setup, e-commerce, social media, and all else), a personalized catalog, participation in Trocadero category pages, catalog management features, shopping cart, ability to accept credit cards through your PayPal or account, statistics, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing to your opt-in customer list.

* Accounts will be billed one month's service upon activation. Partial months will be credited with the next month's invoice. At least thirty (30) days notice is required to end services.

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Optional prepayment incentives are available:

Prepayment options reduce average monthly subscription cost by as much as 17%. By way of example ...

- we will credit you with three additional weeks of service for six months pre-payment
(ie., * six months plus three weeks for $438 with a $73/mo enterprise account
       * or $288 with a $48/mo e-commerce account
       * or $144 with a $24/mo business account)

- we will credit you with nine additional weeks -- over two free months -- of service for 12 months prepayment
(ie., * over 14 months for $876 with a $73/mo enterprise account
       * or $576 with a $48/mo e-commerce account
       * or $288 with a $24/mo business account)

Prepayment plans are for basic service within a particular subscription plan. Service reverts to month-to-month unless prepayment is again made or notice is given. At least thirty (30) days notice is required to end services.

Social Media

Whether you sell from your Trocadero shop or close sales off venue, start a conversation with Trocadero visitors. We now support interface with leading social network sites to facilitate marketing conversations and development of your social media presence. We also provide a blog feature, integrated with your Trocadero shop and with venue category pages, in support of your Web 2.0 strategy. A dedicated social media team member is available to provide guidance.


Reaching shoppers on Trocadero is most directly accomplished by listing items for sale. As most recently added items appear earlier in category pages, listing regularly in diversified categories enhances visibility. Other options are available to supplement visibility. Sticky listings, which appear persistently atop category pages may be purchased. Spotlight advertising is available to promote brand in category pages. Some free options to help with visibility in category pages are available including one free unillustrated Spotlight ad, "press release" announcements and blog entries.

Most recent listings from Enterprise members are used to illustrate our home and entry pages to main categories. This gives Enterprise member more exposure particularly in our recently developed smartphone-friendly pages. We also list Enterprise members ahead of E-Commerce members in alphabetical and category indexes of members. And Enterprise members are listed on the entry page to member indexes.

Other Services

Optional domain name resolution to your Trocadero homepage and catalog is among other services listed from including design work, custom "Signature" sites and more.

We support interface of our commerce features with your gateway account for real time online credit card transactions. If you don't have an gateway account, we can provide you with an application. If you don't feel you need an gateway account or do not have your own merchant services account, we also support interface to complete credit card transactions to your PayPal account (shoppers don't need to be a PayPal member to purchase by credit card through PayPal.) We upload a feed daily to Google Shopping for members with items interfaced for real time online transactions. Dedicated commerce support is available to members.

What You Need

A PC or Mac, a digital camera (or traditional camera and a scanner), Internet access (broadband recommended - dial-up not advisable), items to offer for sale and some available time.

Your setup experience will go far more smoothly if you prepare the following homepage material in advance. Note that any input can always be modified or added to later:

Additional information, such as shipping and payment, that would be helpful to prepare in advance:

If you would like us to set up your site, please complete the billing section after registering and send us the materials and information listed above. We will complete your setup at no additional charge.

What We Bring

We host your personalized web site and catalog. Tools to manage your presence on Trocadero become available from login promptly upon completing your registration. A dedicated support team member will greet you after registration and will assist with setup and starting questions. Ongoing support is available from login.

Elective services including domain resolution, custom design and more are available. We promote Trocadero via trade publications, online media and special events. We are always developing and updating the venue as new or updated technologies become available. Building site attendance and activity is key to our marketing efforts.

About Us

Established in 1998, Trocadero provides structured, relevant content starting with our homepage. The venue is designed for stimulating and meaningful navigation via category pages reflecting specific shopper interests - with illustrated items and search features always at your fingertips.

We strive to uphold the peerless standards that compel professionals like you to shop and to join our venue every day - ensuring you will remain in good company.

Trocadero seeks to keep service optimal and cost reasonable. Our approach is to offer a good value and to build meaningful, lasting business relationships. Whether you already have an online presence or not, Trocadero offers value. Use our services exclusively on Trocadero or linked with your site elsewhere.

Trocadero champions direct buyer-seller communications and commission free transactions. You may share your e-mail address and telephone number from item listings. And when customers inquire or order, their contact information is automatically appended to your private customer list.

Whether old-school period decorative arts dealers or purveyors of 20th century design, market leaders find their niche with us every month. We are here today, as we have been here for more than two decades, deploying the latest technologies to help you find that niche. We come from the same experience as you. And though we now serve you, we remember where we came from and what is important to you - our client.

Terms Of Use

Prepare by reviewing our terms of use and disclaimers before beginning the registration process which acknowledges acceptance.

Have Questions?

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