Artigua, Classical and Ancient World Arts

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Membership on Artigua is subject to prior approval. Listings must predate AD 1492.*  Accepted members will first register on TROCADERO (where members will also participate) and then, with prior approval from the Artigua moderator, be added to the Artigua community. Participation in Artigua is $15 per month additional (effective August 1, 2002) to the level of membership selected for TROCADERO. Approval may be sought prior to registering with TROCADERO.

Please use the form below to inquire into membership. Please include some basic information such as what areas you specialize in, your preparedness to conform to Artigua's principles, any questions, when you would like to begin, and whether we should reply by email or telephone (please provide convenient hours and time zone if the latter).

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* AD 1492 was selected as a date limit for Artigua so as to include Pre-Columbian and other important ancient arts. Members may list these and later items in their own catalogues and within the context of the greater TROCADERO community to which Artigua belongs.

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