Rare Anzolo Fuga "RADICI" for Avem, authenticated

Being a collector and dealer in Vintage Italian Glass and a Glass Artist as well, I am priviledged with access to the workshops of the Glass Maestroes of Murano and collectors in Venice.  I spend 2 months each year in Venice and have worked in Murano, sharing my technique of casting Glass in sand with Glass Artists there.  I've spent time with Ocianna Barbini, daughter of Alfredo, and amoung my Venetian friends is Giampolo Seguso, son of Archimede, who complimented my own designs in Glass and as we parted one time he held my hand and said  "you are nearly Venetian and a part of the Glass Family!"  For me, this was a compliment of the highest order!

During one of my stays in Murano, I was introduced to Flavio Fuga, son of Anzolo.  I had a question about the authenticity of one of my items attributed to his father, Anzolo.  Flavio assured me that the Fuga Vessel I own was made in the 1950s, pointing to the colors in the many fused architectural panels still displayed throughout Anzolo's atelier.  He then said these are the colors Avem used in the 1950's.  Avem re-issued Fuga designs in the 1990's, so I was pleased to hear that the vessel I own is from the original series.   And as I was showing Flavio images of my collection of Italian Glass, this vessel came on the screen and he pointed to it and said with an air of confidence, "Anzolo Fuga!"  He said it is from the "RIDICI" (roots)series and showed me a book that discusses the series.  The organic decoration at the base and the vertical thin brown lines are hallmarks of the RIDICI series.  What a pleasant suprise this was for me as this is one of my favorite pieces of vintage Murano Glass.

A funny side note to this story is Flavio does not speak English and my Italiano is quite limited, so we communicated a full 2 hours typing in Google translate!

Don Gonzalez