Signed American Oil Landscape Painting Father



A painter never knows just what or who will be the impetus for the next work...

So is the case here.  In the late 90s a few months prior to closing my last little store - studio - gallery, during a stroll through a new local riverwalk park, a father and son were seen seemingly enjoying their one on one time together.  They were walking along the river, the boy scampering about attempting to climb the big rocks, while his father held on to him.  Then they sat for a quiet momemt, as if the father was sharing some sage advice or perhaps answering a multitude of questions that children are known to ask.

There was plenty to see, sketch and photograph that beautiful day.  A young high school age couple was seen equally enjoying the new park...stealing a snuggle here and he so gallantly lifted the young lady up unto a tree branch.  Many people were enjoying that day, myself included.  Still, it was the father and son moments that tugged at my painter's sensibilities.  

It appeared to me as if they were trying to make the most of the afternoon together.  

I must have mentioned that I planned to paint scenes of the park and its visitors someday, because a few months later a call came in inquiring about the possibility of viewing the painting when finished.   The name and number were lost, the store - studio - gallery was closed and painting it was placed on hold until recently.

I hope you enjoy the results by this self taught painter...  Happy Father's Day,


EXHIBITION HISTORY: This original oil titled:  Father's Day was shown at the RAA 2015 Spring Show and Sale

It can now be viewed by visiting  and searching # 1251340 or by clicking the second link above.

UPDATE:  I am looking for the man and his son depicted in this oil painting.  Their special moment together resulted in this painting almost twenty years later!  Sketches and photos were retained but their contact info was lost.

Were you and your son photographed at Methuen's Riverwalk Park in a lady inviting you to see the future painting at a Methuen Square store?  Did someone from your family call to view the not-yet-painted-scene?  The young boy seen here would be just graduating from college now!  

If you have some information about this or would like to acquire this painting, please call 978 975 5148 (Mon - Fri 1-7pm...begin your message and I will pick up once I put my brushes down...)   A percentage will be donated to a local charity of the buyer's or referral's choice.  


Thank you in advance for your help,


May 11 2016


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