Cloisonne Pendant with Meiji and US Flags under CrownA mystery item - longest in our possession

I was back from duty with the Air Force in the mid 1980s (getting back in touch with the antiques markets as well as completing my four year degree) when I chanced upon this unusual item from "Evan's Good Ole Stuff" at Columbia Flea Market (I don't think it was the same promoter back then - and better than it was last time I visited.) I picked up a number of good things back then from Evan (I think his last name was "Wolf") including fine lacquer and studio pots. (I remember my young bride trying to open a top quality Makie box in perfect condition as if t was hinged - perfect no more.) Anyway, back to the pendant. We picked this up from Evan maybe the second time we chanced upon him. And we have not since successfully identified it. Every time I am going through the collection and come upon this I wonder. It was obviously fashioned for a specific recognition or event. So maybe putting it out there will find someone who knows a little more that what we already know - that it is 19th century Japanese cloisonne work. We speculate a bit more with the description and additional images (follow the link) but with no conclusions. Feel free to contact us with any helpful thoughts or facts.

Thank you