Signed American Regional Oil Landscape Painting Limited Palette Marsh



Painterly is just not for me...painterly means movement...painterly is a noisy tap, tap, tap on the canvas...when you have a noisy mind like mine...a quiet painting is a must...


My outings are very limited, but when we do go out, as a bit of a foodie a good restaurant is a must.  Wanting to find a good lamb, Ithaki was recommended.  It has a fab horseshoe marble bar where it was said that the owner Petros will leave the kitchen to stop and ask, 'are you happy with your food?'  The food was fab, the two martinis were primo and served by the very capable courteous Heidi.  

The Braised Beef and the Lamb Kabob apps are superb.  The latter with fabulous arugula, tiny slices of red onion, cucumber strips and what appeared to be a couple of hand made noodles or was it extruded blanched zucchini - the chef's lips were sealed...  Hubs had the open lamb sandwich and I the lamb on orzo.



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