Signed American Acrylic Landscape Painting Cape Ann Primordial



UPDATE May 2017: Currently on exhibit for three days at the Reading Art Association's Spring Show and Sale.   Slightly revised - really what painter ever feels that the painting is ever finished?

WHEN: May 5 - 7.  Friday May 5: 7:30 - 9:30 Reception, refreshments, piano selections.

                                  Sat May 6th 10 - 4pm

                                  Sun May 7th 12- 3 pm

WHERE: Congregational Church - Reading MA - Sanborn St Entrance

WHAT: This painting and 8 minis - 4 in hand painted frames and 4 unframed.  All painted 

              with a limited palette of 3 plus white.  Titles: Hill Bound Path, Hiker's Path, Crossing 

              Paths, Comfort Cove, Big Tree n Path, River Path, Distant Marsh - Study and Marsh

              Moment - Study.  All original and likely to be painted in larger canvases in the future.

On Friday and Saturday after veiwing and collecting my paintings, walk on over a block and a half to Venetian Moon where we have been enjoying fab Italian Food for at least 12 years.  Owned and operated by Lisa, with the help of Wayne - Maitre d', Paul the most fab bartender in his hawaiian shirts, Phyllis his assitant and the rest of the very courteous and able staff.

Scroll down to the 7th blog (Original American Acrylic Painting: A Peaceful Beach Can Convey) - where I mention my favorite restaurants within an 85 mile radius.

So, as I have mentioned many times before that I am a winter germophobe and semi recluse...we do not dine out except weekly between May and Oct.  I have been dreaming about my fave app: Venetian Carozza.  They have added a new app: Carmine Chicken.  Chicken wrapped in Prociutto with figs and feta with a dizzying sauce.  Now...don't get saucy with me Bernaise... sauces are not for me...unless they are very light and or as an interesting reduction...

You are invited and encouraged to go to this show... collect my original paintings... dine at the Venetian Moon and say hello to Lisa, Wayne, Paul, Phyllis, the rest of the staff and enjoy some fab food and martinis!  PS: wait till you eat the salted caramel dessert...oh myyyyyyyyyyyy!


August 2016

Today after three of us were discussing art and classical music, without any display on my part as to my political inclinations...which in order to stay safe and maintain body intact, I keep to myself for fear of being accosted by our locals...the elderly woman with a hard, derisive look... out of nowhere...said, 'don't tell me, I bet you're gonna vote for"   so and so! blah...blah...blah...     ..."what kind of woman are you..."

Holy Moly!

And this from a member of a group which has lassoed, hyjacked and otherwise has taken hostage the prinicipal of  playing faaaaair!!!

As mentioned before, I am semi reclusive and although painting and entering art shows since the 90s...I stay away from crowds...  ...just starting to dip my toe in the art show reception waters...

...well, it seems it could be dangerous there too folks!

The last time I was out, the same thing happened just two weeks ago at a small museum gallery that I had never visited before and may not again!   ...and guess what?

Another one!  The two different elderly pugnacious ladies were both retired teachers who initiated the insulting conversation!  Having a wild vivid imagination...I closed my eyes and imagined a band of retirees running the streets dressed in primitive pelts wielding weapons to club the rest of us into submission!

Yikes!   ... such primordial primitive posturing!  ...please allow me my redundancy...

All I could say was, "I respect your fervor for each of your intended candidates...may I please have mine?".  What else can a civilized person ask?

Well...wait for it... generous words were met with verbal refuse to which I was I am a CSPAN reply with facts culled from such sources as PBS, CSPAN, NPR, and the other usual mainstream sources, et al...because I wish to hear, read and learn all sides...

NO, no no!  Their practiced directive was fired over their shoulders as their backs turned without staying for a cogent civilized discussion which was initiated by...the OFFENDING person!  As if their singular noxious bullet point barb is all they have in their feeble vacuous mental arsenal without the benefit of a modicum of intellect with which to continue...

Tsk, tsk, tsk...alas perhaps their education is lacking!  ...and they taught children??!!!  

We don't have children who made use of the public school system that employed them....and yet you know what?  Even with their brute behavior...I still do not begrudge subsidizing their retirement pensions.  I only wish that with all their free time, that they would continue their learning process ...instead of employing the same old tired rehearsed directives...then begin to become better informed.  Ah yes...and gosh forbid:  tollleraaaant... another word they have hyjacked!

Be aware of those unwaged with too much time on their hands who are trained to shout down any and all fact-based discourse!

Primitive posturing. after being battered and bruised...we left the gallery, drove to Ithaki, my favorite Greek restaurant, where we enjoyed my favorite lollipop lamb on arugula app, a new special app of scallops in saffron, fennel and other yummy ingredients for hubs be followed by fab pan seared scallops for hubs and my usual rack of lamb, along with my favorite martini of Hendricks gin, St Germaine, splash of Proseco and muddled cucumbers...aaaah...yummm...

 Again Sept 18 for Lamb Kabob app, the very tasty Lobster Ravioli, 1 martini, and a supper yummy dessert with cinnamon ice cream.  Wait for it... the must have usual lamb dinner and 4 fab Greek wedding cookies as take out to be enjoyed tonight!  It was a pleasure to be welcomed by Candice, a most able lady who can be seen making sure all the patrons are happy and the relatively new bar tender who seems to be adapting well to this very busy place.  With my "dining out season" winding down before my "winter germophobic hibernation" begins in Nov...hope to squeeze in another memborable "dining" experience there...we will miss...not to worry there is always take out!  Till next May....


Primordial Marsh...and perhaps a safe place to avoid those scary moments mentioned above...tee...hee.

When you click the first red link above the date, which will take you to the listing, you can examine anothe landscape painting titled:  Marsh Moment (image 2).  As mentioned before...without the benefit of any form of art instruction nor workshops in portraits, oils or acrylics, still...I must challenge myself.

Both were painted on canvas laid on to archival Ampersand hardboard museum panels.  No atmospheric sagging nor danger of punctures! 

Both marsh paintings were done with the same very limited palette of just 3 pigments plus white!  How exciting to discover that Primordial Marsh is a vibrant rich red and blue with a teenie sliver of yellow buttery horizon, while the "quieter" Marsh Moment is resplendent with a myriad of greens that I mixed myself without the use of store bought greens.  Without mixing large batches, it can be very frustrating which can lead to numerous lacrimal moments!  

...and that is a time of self discovery...without a soul to call and ask for advice...



All images design concept content text are original and solely owned by the painter and writer Mimi Dee and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.    Aug 21, 2016