Signed American Landscape Painting Cape Ann Marsh Path


...up here...where can one find water, wild life and quiet moments?

Having been raised on the Gulf Coast where you can drive and park your car on the 100+ mile beach...the first 10 by car...the next with a 4 wheel drive...there was plenty of serenity and solitude to be found.    There are no houses nor businesses as it is designated a national seashore park.

You can park your car with yards of sand and dunes behind you...yards of driving in front and still more yards of sand beyond that to walk safely near the water.

It was a huge deep beach even at high tide!

On most days... after the first few was just you, your car mates and wildlife! in coyotes and lots of different species of birds.

When I arrived in New England and visited its coastal towns...hordes of people would be seen carrying their beach furniture, pails, umbrellas, coolers, and so much stuff that I had never if they were moving somewhere for a few days.

Where were they coming from?  Where were they going?  ...that because there was no sand in sight!

I was informed that this is how it is done up here...trek it to the beaches... which even the big ones can be walked from end to end in a few minutes.

Not for me!  If I can not walk out the hotel door and find sand within a few yards, able to walk back to my room to freshen up, walk to great restaurants and find fab antiquing...what was the point?!  Even as a young bikini clad girl back home with all that fabulous space, beach going was not a coveted activity...although many blistering sunburns were endured then.

So we found a really nice Maine beach where all we needed to carry was a big beach towel, umbrella and reading material...knowing that my Dr. Pepper was chilling in the room's fridge and available anytime. nice...  Suddenly the hordes arrived with all their beach furniture, pails, gigantic coolers, umbrellas, sports equipment and a room full of stuff to survive a week at the beach.  

Folks, when I can count the freckles on the person next to my blanket...that's waaaaay too close!

Solution?  Hubs stayed on the beach while I went antiquing, arriving just in time for a nice quiet walk just as the sky colors began to change and the long shadows played along side of us...then shower and ready for dinner...  That was the beach experience for a decade of summers...

Today...up here... besides busy beaches...where can one find serenity, water ways and wildlife?


This is my latest painting...titled Marsh Moment.

Please ignore the frame shadow cast at the top of the painting that I failed to remove with the photo app.  


EXHIBIT HISTORY:  This original regional painting titled: Marsh Moment painted by Mimi Dee can be examined here by clicking the 2nd red link just above date and time above for more details...





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