X-Large and Rare Greek Attic White-Ground Votive Lekythos

This rare and extra-large Greek Attic "white-ground" lekythos is approximately 16.75 inches high, and dates circa 5th century B.C.  This piece is not only rare for it's tremendous large size, but also because it is intact with no repair/restoration.  This piece also has much of it's original white-ground material that was applied to the main body of the vessel.  "This piece was used for funeral rites in antiquity, and liquid was poured forth from the vessel as a ceremonial offering.  The very small hole seen below the handle likely was added during one of these ceremonies, in order to facilitate and control the flow of liquid from the vessel, due to it's large size and the small opening through the elongated neck."  An exceptional piece with a high degree of eye appeal.  $6,875.00.  http://www.apoloniagallery.com.