Signed Mimi Dee Studio Hammered Brass Eye Necklace Turquoise



...hammering brass is like pulling weeds...the results are more pleasing...


Many moons ago after the flood ...when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and silver wire was cheaper than pipe cleaners and before that awful business slump reared its horrid head in 2009, hammering brass metal for jewelry art work did not even enter this mind.

In those days unfurling 2 ounces as 12 feet of 14 gauge sterling wire...forging with wild abandon to experiment and shape whatever design came to mind...was the norm.  No thought about cost nor waste.  The desired work was to hand-form a "one of" from one single linear wire without cutting or soldering.  Challenging too.

Then the 2009 wretched decline in the collectibles market put the kibosh on that indulgent endeavor.  Thankfully it is recovering now and brass is looking very interesting.

Recently, brass has been closely examined and found to be a worthy opponent to the hammer.  Especially now that my paint brushes have taken a melancholic move away from elusive peaceful landscapes.

The hammer has had to replace the paint brush.  Time to don the hand braces, look for the anvil and pick up the hammer.

Many years ago after closing my last brick and mortar shop, it was suggested that I plant a garden to lift the spirits.  Never attempting a new project halfway without extensive research...a dozen gardening books were collected...followed by individually planting more than 1000 bulbs by myself in at least 9 different beds.  Sadly, this year those beds lay fallow...

After planting the beds...I was told that besides gaining patience and hope while waiting for the following year's seasonal results to emerge...some straining through the last snow and some in before the first frost...weeding could be most therapeutic.  Ah yes...weeding could be most therapeutic...

While pulling each hateful invasive water thieving would be a cleansing experience.  Some could say that destroying invading weeds was a saintly practice.  It just felt darn good...

Today even those who forge big ole metal works say hammering metal helps release negative energies not unlike those while pulling the useless invasive weeds.

At present brass is slowly endearing itself for its sturdiness and the rich look of Aurum.  It easily polishes to rival it in color and complements it well.  It is much harder to achieve those soft edged individually hand hammered delivered divots and being stronger than silver, it is tough and rough on the Mimi Dee maker's stamps.  

Because it costs less than semi precious metals, the feeling of experimentation is beginning to reemerge...  Still, as a stronger metal resisting hand is much more a laborious task to form with these painfully trigger-finger braced hands.

I would be less than honest if not to admit that fleeting thoughts of those who negatively impact my painting may enter my subconscious...


...just like pulling those hateful useless invasive weeds that destroy the existing beauty about!



About this signed Mimi Dee hand hammered piece:

This necklace and all my signed art works include my own originally coined phrase: "walking wits warranty."  That for as long as I walk this earth and have my wits about me...I will warranty my signed works.

EVIL EYE LEGEND:  This hand hammered necklace with the multi cultural ethnographic evil eye motif mentioned as far back by Plato, used in jewelry by the Romans, Mediterraneans, Asian Dzi, Victorians, Latin Americans, and continuously through out the middle east, was hand shaped by and stamped as:  Handmade - Mimi Dee.

In the past and now the color blue is a favorite must in the design scheme  You or green eyes were rarely seen in the Mediterranean and were thought to be of the devil.  Thus the amulet's need for that color bead.

Sadly, the more things change...the more they stay the same.  It appears these days those hateful sentiments are gaining popularity.

As a painter, who loves contrast even while using a very limited palette of 3...I really love to see the rarely occurring blondes and blue / green eyes.  Natural of tinted contacts please.  How boring a world without a "ginge" in the room.  Can you imagine if we all looked alike?  Perish the bleak thought.  It would be like handing a painter one tube of paint with the instruction to paint something.  Horrors...

Next thing you know the "P C thing" would rule with an iron hand...

Like requiring that a depositor not have a favorite teller...instead directed to go to those who "feel left out - or else"...believe me, the or else happens.  Or like not allowing one to choose one's favorite doctor, hairstylist, barber, food server, etc.  "We have ways of depriving you of choice...the thought police cometh..."

Pardon the digression...

So blue was deemed the anti evil color... No coincidence that Turquoise has been the gemstone of choice both for meeting the color requirement...but because it said to have its own set of mystical sharmanistic qualites.

In an amulet charm it is said to be lucky, to protect against the evil eye and the wearer from poison...poison glances perhaps?  Buddha was said to vanquish a monster with it.  Turquoise is now considered a sign of love, success and courage.   Native Americans value it highly as well.

This piece with the motif and correct stone in place, which on closer inspection, resembles the world.  This might just be what the doctor ordered when you feel under psychic attack.  This work is so bold that both gremlins and admirers of audacious studio signed "one of" metalwork self adornments...are sure to notice.  A fine protector against the pc police perhaps?


...hammering brass is like pulling useless invading weeds...the results are more pleasing....


All images design concept content text are original and solely owned by the painter and writer Mimi Dee and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.  July 26, 2018