Signed American Original Mimi Dee Nocturne Marsh Moon Inky Blue



pardon the redundancy...the brushes remain in their holders...


This being the last painting produced since June 2019 and but a handful since September 2017 - Not a painter's block...just from a P C mendacious tentacular grip on ordinary...


Last evening ~ 5 PM, the glorious December 2019 full moon made its appearance through a high half moon window only to continue its smaller sized journey from skylight to skylight.  This morning at 6 AM...lo and behold...before it began its delectable descent behind the trees...another showy site to admire and enjoy.

A decision was made to release this nocturne marine marsh painting from its forgotten place to re-list it, make slight changes and write about it again.

THE SETUP:  Raw Belgium linen was affixed on to an Ampersand archival professional sealed board.  NO gesso was applied; but 3 coats of clear medium to leave the natural linen tone and a toothy surface.  

This rougher surface will shorten the bristles' life for sure and with great imagination you can almost hear a siphoning sound in the studio as copious amounts of paint will be soaked up when laying down layer after layer.   Particularly when glazing is the preferred application of paint as opposed to impasto.  Of course, the use of gesso would have tamed the tooth and would have required dozens of less layers...  Ah...but one must try and experiment with alternative archival applications underneath the layers of pigment...

The toothy surface causes the pigment to "dance" on the relief surfaces and some to settle in the natural "divots"...making for interesting lighting to produce delightful yet subtle changes in the painting as the natural light progresses throughout the day or from other particular choices of artificial light.



MEDIUM:  Golden professional artists' acrylics - very limited transparent palette of three.

IMAGE: 16" x 20"

FRAME: Professional closed cornered 21 1/2" x 25 1/2" - may choose without frame

NO reproductions - no giclees - includes show label

SIGNED: lower left as Mimi Dee


Painter's Q: have you seen a night so dark that were it not for a full moon - there'd be no light?


All images design composition concept idea text are original and solely owned by the painter and writer Mimi Dee and may not be reproduced in any form without permission from the artist - December 12, 2019


The previous blog posting on this painting titled: Pink Moon Nestled In The Clouds Above An Ink Blue Moody Marsh dated Aug 6, 2019 had the following info:


Inspiration: At 2:28am in mid June a moon similar to this one was seen behind a delicious pink blush peachy cloud just before dipping behind some trees.  There must have been much rose dust particle activity in the atmosphere to produce such a picture.

Which brings to mind the process of attempting to paint a true nocturne - that is the moon as the only source of light.

How to paint without infusing warm tones especially when wanting to adhere to the color as faithfully as possible.  Some painters find the solution by showing man made light sources produced by cars, traffic, windows, candles, corner lamplight, even campfire.  It makes sense to record warmth radiated, even if in small doses, from such sources as it simplifies that painter's battle.

However, where the only illumination source is lunar, the battle arises while resisting the urge to warm things up a bit.  Because here the linen was left with more tooth and the palette of three is transparent with only a bit of white to tint, various light sources will make the painting appear cooler and others not.  

Always self directed trial and error without the benefit of instruction. 

This photo was brightened up just a smidge to show the horizon..

Spending so much time studying the night and looking at the ever changing lunar displays ultimately resulted in this painter keeping the sky and land mass dark...while letting the brushes "brush" up against the foreground rocks with a bit of warmth...


An original American signed marsh moon nocturne painting... perfect for the wall of a contemplative art collector!




She attended high school with a "Charlie's Angel"

The same secondary school as did a "Bond Girl"

Was a private duty RN to a future "Housewive's" uncle...

...still she herself remains "unknown"...


All images design composition concept text are original and solely owned by the painter and writer Mimi Dee and may not be reproduced in any form without permission from the artist - written August 6, 2019 and again December 12, 2019