Rare Meissen Footed Egg CupThis is a very rare Meissen footed egg cup. What makes it rare is the Imperial yellow ground with gold highlighting and red ribbon, bows and swag decoration. This is a typical decoration of the period in which it was made. It has the Meissen Marcolini period cross swords and star mark on the bottom in under glaze blue. This mark dates the little cup to circa 1780.

You will notice that the footed cup is leaning to one side slightly. This adds to the charm and happened in the kiln when it was being made. You will also notice the flaw/chip in the foot rim. You can tell that it happened during the making because the glaze and decoration is right over the flaw.

The color yellow was made for use by royalty and originally by the Chinese emperors. Later copies of yellow were a lot darker in tone.


Here’s how people used this piece:

You put the soft boil egg in the cup and then you cut the top off with a knife.  Be careful that you don’t cut the egg down too far.  You proceed to eat the egg with a little egg spoon.

Click here for a demonstration.

Here is an interesting site for those who may be interested in collecting egg cups which can ru

n the gamut from very inexpensive to very expensive silver and porcelain.

Note: Rather than for eating, it is suggested that this egg cup be used for display to show off your skill in finding special piece.