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Just Glass members may choose between Enterprise, E-Commerce or Business versions:

Business: $40 per month - Business accounts offer: Up to 400 item listings,* One image per item listing, Homepage and catalog with your own customer colors, background, logo, on site search engine and order form. Several templates to choose from. Automated auction submission. Your items will be listed on Just Glass AND Trocadero. Twice the exposure for one price.
E-Commerce: $58 per month - Ecommerce accounts offer: Up to 400 item listings,* The ability to use multiple pictures for each item, an on-site search engine and order form, and credit card capabilities. You will be able to keep a record of all orders, send items to auction, and manage your inventory from one page. The software also allows you to see exactly how many hits your site has received for any given period of time - and will even supply a breakdown by day and time, along with a list of the Top 10 items viewed on your site so you can see what is attracting the most attention. Again, your merchandise will be listed in both Just Glass AND Trocadero malls.
Enterprise: $83 per month - All of the features of the ECommerce shop but also has added features of thumbnail navigational links, illustrated gallery pages and higher placement where shop listings appear on the members list and category pages
Note: If you are already a member of the TROCADERO community, do not register here. Please contact us directly to be added to the Just Glass shops. Total fees for dual participation will be the same and you will remit to the community you registered with.

* you may list more than 400 items for $8 per block of 100 listings above this 'soft' limit.

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Well, it's official. I'm impressed! I sold an item today from the online mall that I hadn't been able to sell in the real antique mall or eBay. It will be my first time shipping overseas but I don't think that will be too difficult. I'm going to be listing a lot of stuff here and pulling my stuff out of the real antique mall. Thank you!
Elizabeth Hupman, High Class Glass

I finally got it in gear, and got a bunch up on the site. Have gotten good response so far for the amount posted. Really it doesn't take that much work to do the listing. I want to tell you that I find the site easy to work with. Listing, photos, and the whole process is pretty smooth & simple. So, you are probably wondering what my FIRST justglass sale was...$220 of WEXFORD!!!. It is so funny, because I remember my very first Daze sale, back in the 1970's...Doric & Pansy Crystal berry bowls!
Dennis Bialek

Rosemary, I couldn't wait for Saturday to tell you...I just got a $672 order for milk glass this evening through Trocadero! Thank you soooo much for your help with the site. I have been doing well here on JustGlass & Trocadero. Will talk more on the weekend, but I had to share my good news.
Christine Nagy's Depression Glass & More

Hello everyone: Just a note to let you know that upgrading my site was the best thing I could have done. Activity has doubled and my sales have tripled. Looking forward to a good holiday season.
Ed Iannucci, elijrantiques, Antiques Collectibles & Stuff

Hello Rosemary, just a short note to let you know how great your site is...in just a short time I have sold over $1,000 colored glassware...and have a few more orders to process...again thank you for the opportunity to be on "Just Glass" glass site.
Olga Miras, Look Back in Color

Very clean and classy.

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