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Notice: From September 10, 2007, there is an additional $10 per month opt-in surcharge for listings to appear within antique Asian art pages on Trocadero. If not opted in, these categories can still be used in one's own catalog. This, accurate representation and more are covered by our terms of use accepted upon registration.

Notice: Particularly to sellers of Chinese porcelain and Chinese jade, anticipate a request for references after you have registered. Beginning August 31, 2010, participation under "Antiques" for these categories is probationary for the first month or couple dozen listings and terms of use compliance is scrutinized thereafter.

Notice: Sellers on Trocadero are more successful when interfaced for digital transactions. Accept credit cards online from your clients through your PayPal or account. We support interface with these services from our checkout. Inquire with us at if you would like an application. (Credit cards can be accepted by phone until decided.)

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