Specialty Venues

Trocadero powers several specialty venues in addition to our original venue.

Doll Shops United - the Internet's first all-inclusive specialty doll venue
Doll Shops United launched on November 15 using Trocadero's software, servers and support - a turnkey solution, after any design and setup, for aspiring specialty venues. Inquire at info@trocadero.com for specialty venue services. Doll sellers may explore Doll Shops United for membership rates and terms.

Cyberattic - Multi-Seller Online Collectibes Venue
Subscription to Cyberattic may be separate from or together with Trocadero. Cyberattic, with a lower average price per listing, caters to more of a collectibles market. Explore subscription information from the Cyberattic venue for current options and rates.

JustGlass Mall - Multi-Seller Glass Specialty Venue
Participants on JustGlass also appear on Trocadero, which terms apply whether the participant originally registered with Trocadero or with JustGlass (a third-party business.) Explore current options and rates from the JustGlass venue.

Artigua - Antiquities and Ethnic Arts Venue
Artigua is a specialty venue for only Antiquities and early ethnic art. Only items pre-dating the discovery of the New World in 1492 may be listed. Participation is open to Trocadero members for an additional $15 per month and acceptance of terms.

Period Furniture and Fine Art specialty venue
The "Period Furniture and Fine Art" venue is currently open to specialists in antique furniture and decorative arts pre-dating 1920. This and the Far East Asian Art venue are sometimes used to test new design and development. There is no additional charge for these venues until further notice.

Far East Asian Art specialty venue
Sellers of antique Asian art on Trocadero at the E-Commerce and Enterprise subscription levels, and electing to appear in antique Asian art categories, may be included on request.

The Essentials

Storefront and Catalog

New members select from three levels of subscription when joining Trocadero. If uncertain as to needs and starting at a lower level, all data is retained when later upgrading. Pre-payment benefits are also available when registering or any time afterward. Members setup and maintain a personalized homepage and catalog using Trocadero's tools. Items added by the member will show in the their personalized catalog as well as in the community's category and search pages. Members' homepage and catalog pages comprise their website on Trocadero. Members may refer clients to their website address in stationary, advertising and other promotional efforts.

Promoting Your Business

Trocadero is useful to promote one's market reach to shoppers frequenting the venue. This is most directly accomplished by listing items for sale on Trocadero and affiliated specialty venues. And over time you will grow a relevant client list built automatically from orders and inquiries. In addition to promoting their website address in stationary, advertising or at shows, members may also purchase "Spotlight" advertising on Trocadero category pages (from as little as 10 cents per day for lowest level categories.) These illustrated ads refer interested shoppers to the member's homepage on Trocadero. The member may further offer links, to other of their internet activities, from their Trocadero homepage. Other promotional features, such as a free "Press Release" linked from Trocadero category pages, are available to members. And Trocadero regularly reviews venue design and content to improve performance on search engines.


Domain Hosting

Members may optionally engage Trocadero to resolve their own domain name to their website. This provides some benefit with search engines and to a member's own promotional efforts. Trocadero charges $45 to support resolution of a domain name to a member's homepage and catalog. We prefer that the name be registered with Network Solutions where we can be named the Technical Contact in order to facilitate administration and minimize downtime in the event of certain network changes. If we are not named the Technical Contact and later need to again support resolution as a result, then we would need to charge again. Inquiries and requests relating to domain name hosting should be made through 'Support' from login.

FTP Partition

If a member likes to maintain their own homepage design, they might consider an optional FTP feature from login. For $5 minimum plus 1 cent for every 2kb of data stored, members who are HTML savvy or who retain a designer may upload files to a partition in their directory on our server. When this is used, we would disable Trocadero's standard homepage templates (so as not to overwrite the member's custom page.) This would be done after using Trocadero's standard templates to personalize the member's catalog pages. Inquiries and requests relating to the FTP option should be made through 'Support' from login.

Special Needs

Custom Homepage Template

For the rare subscriber who wants their own custom homepage and isn't able to provide the design themselves, Trocadero may be able to assist in the production of a custom template. Our work rate is $55 should custom design be needed. But we highly recommend that our free templates first be tried before deciding design work is necessary. With a custom template, the member may edit parts of the page. And much of the interactivity of homepage and catalog is preserved. Trocadero's services may be required to further change layout.

'Signature' Design and Hosting

For even more unusual circumstances where the member requires an entirely custom website and catalog, our 'Signature' service is the appropriate solution. With the 'Signature' service, Trocadero produces a complete set of templates used to provide the member with uniquely suited categories, editorial control over page content, and automated site updates. Examples of 'Signature' sites may be reviewed from Trocadero's "Shops" page. The 'Signature' service should only be contemplated if a premium subscription plus cost of any design and non-standard support (commencing after deposit), and a minimum 6 month commitment, is acceptable. Additional information may be obtained from if of interest.


Auction Services

Trocadero is launching auction services within the context of our 'Signature' service (with fees based on performance.) We may Beta test auction services on Cyberattic by supporting the ability for a member to list a limited number of auctions within an event or a span of time (with fees based on listings.) But we are accepting interest from existing 'Signature' members (or others who may have interest in a 'Signature' site with auction features.)

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