Antique Swords and Daggers, Antique Pistols and Guns, Antiquities and Pre Columbian Art
Antique Indian Mughal Islamic Huqqa 18th c India
Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Dagger Jambiya sword
Antique Islamic African Dagger Tuareg Telek Gozma
Antique Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Sword Manjushri Iron Finial 18 Century
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Peking Glass Belt Buckle
Ancient Roman Terracotta Perfume Flask Unguentarium 1st - 2nd c AD
Authentic Antique Byzantine Bronze Pectoral Reliquary C
Ancient Chinese Han Dynasty BC 206-AD 220 Crossbow
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Blue And White Vase In Ormolu Candelabrum
Antique Indian Hindu Brass Deity Amulet 18th - 19th c
Antique African Harp Kundi Mangbetu - Zande Congo
Antique 18th century Chinese Blue and White Porcelain
Antique Chinese Bat Tea Cup Qing Dynasty 18th - 19th c
Antique Miniature Japanese Satsuma Ceramic Vase
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Carved Dragon Belt Hook
Antique Chinese Mother Of Pearl Lacquer Wedding Basket Lunch Box
Antique Chinese Famille Rose Hand Painted Plate 19th c
Antique Islamic Silver Earrings 19th century