Antique Swords and Daggers, Antique Pistols and Guns, Antiquities and Pre Columbian Art
Antique Burmese Bell circa 19th century Burma
Antique Japanese lacquered Inro Meiji period 19th c
Antique Chinese Small Teapot Quing Dynasty 19th Century
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Black Silk Sumer Robe
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Embroidered Silk Robe
Indian Bronze Bottle North India 16th 17th century
Rare Antique Thai Mother-Of-Pearl Inlaid Black Lac Footed Cup Thailand
Antique Chinese Kangxi Blue and White Porcelain Vase
Antique Chinese Han Dynasty Green Glaze Pottery Stove
Huge Ancient Chinese Bronze Ge Dagger Axe Halberd 770-476 Eastern Zhou
Antique Chinese Export Mandarin Pitcher Quing Dynasty
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Cloisonne Censer Incense Burner
Antique Korean Joseon Dynasty Bronze Seal Stamp 1392–1897 AD
Two Antique Islamic Malaysian Silver Bowls with Sword Kris Dager Keris
Antique Islamic Mughal India Indo Persian Helmet Kulah Zirah
Antique Indian Mughal Islamic Huqqa 18th c India
Antique Chinese Famille Rose Hand Painted Plate19th c
Chinese Inside Painted Glass Snuff Bottle