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Antique 18th Century Russian Hussar Sword With 17th century Crimean Tatar Czeczuga Ordynka Blade Extremely Rare Antique, from the second half of the 18th century, Imperial Russian hussar officers’ sword (period of Empress Catherine II of Russia) with a 17th century Crimean Tatar “Czeczuga”, “Ordynka” sabre blade. DETAILS: A gold gild brass stirrup hilt of typical Russian hussar form with a solid knuckle bow with a pair of langets, downbend rear quillon, and a fluted back-stra...
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A very rare authentic antique, 18th century, Ukrainian – Polish icon, The Pochayiv Mother of God. “Matka Boska Poczajowska” The Pochayiv Mother of God icon is venerated equally by Ukrainian orthodox, Ukrainian Greek Catholic (Greco-Catholic), Ukrainian orthodox and Polish Roman Catholic. The Icon is finely hand painted on a wood panel with the central icon depicting The Virgin Mary with the Christ Child. The icon is held by two winged angels with the Holy Spirit, descending abov...
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Authentic antique, 18th century, Russian Orthodox icon, The Virgin of the Burning Bush (Neopalimaya Kupina).

The Icon is traditionally finely hand painted in tempera on a gessoed wood panel with two inserted slats on the top and bottom The Mother of God and the infant Christ is depicted in the center of the eight-pointed star, surrounded by angels and archangel, with Cyrillic letters on the hallow, the top of the icon is also inscribed in Cyrillic alphabet.