69A  Intandane Liverpool Chinese Tribal 利物浦 中国 部落
Welcome to INTANDANE 69A - Liverpool 欢迎来到 Intandane 69A 古玩店 - 利物浦
Specializing in Chinese Antiques Asian African and 20th Century Decorative Arts 专营中国古玩、亚非及20世纪装饰艺术品
Intandane Ltd t/a 69A
75 Renshaw Street
Liverpool, L1 2SJ, United Kingdom
(+44) 0151 708 8873

69A Intandane is located in Central Liverpool. Established in 1976, originally retailing vintage clothes, we now also sell an extensive selection of antiques and curios, having a special focus on Asian, African and 20th Century Decorative Arts. '69A' used to be our street number and 'Intandane'- we were told by a South African friend - has two meanings: in Zulu it means 'orphan', but in Xhosa it can also mean 'something to be loved'. Our shop is open from 12 to 6pm every day including Sundays.

69A Intandane 位于利物浦市中心,建于1976年,起初只是零售古董衫(vintage clothes又作古典时尚衣饰)。到现在,我们同时广泛兼营各类古玩和艺术品,专营亚非及20世纪装饰艺术品。”69A”曾是我们的门牌号,至于”Intandane”,一位南非朋友告诉我们它有两种含义:祖鲁语中是“孤儿”的意思,但是科萨语里面译作“喜爱之物”。我们的营业时间为周一至周日中午12点到下午6点。

We guarantee all our items to be genuine and of the period. Some of our stock is not kept on the premises so please arrange, by appointment, to view. Should you require further information about any items within our catalogue then please do not hesitate to contact us.


地址:Intandane 69A Ltd., 75 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 2SJ, United Kingdom


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