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About Our Inventory

The Bodhisattva Collection carries an eclectic inventory of Asian art and antiques with an emphasis on superior quality. Our pieces span the gamut from Chinese Neolithic pottery through Qing Dynasty porcelain, Japanese ceramics and fine arts from the Edo through Meiji Period, and Southeast Asian decorative arts from the late 19th to the 20th century. Our strongest concentration is in Chinese blue and white porcelain from the Ming through Qing Dynasties, with special emphasis on the higher-end Transitional Period through Qianlong Period wares (1640-1795). But overall we carry a little of everything so long as it's authentic and beautiful. In keeping with this philosophy, we also carry very fine 18th and 19th century European porcelain and works of art, some select examples of contemporary fine arts and Americana, as well as many fine artisan handicrafts from across the globe.

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Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee

At The Bodhisattva Collection, we offer a Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee for all antiques we sell. Not just for 10 days, or 14 days, or 30 days, but a Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee. We believe that when people spend hard-earned and often substantial amounts of money for art and antiques, they deserve to rest assured their purchases are genuine. As a trusted source of unquestionably authentic merchandise, we proudly guarantee and stand behind our pieces.

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