The Bodhisattva Collection: imari, satsuma, blue and white porcelain, ivory, lacquer   The Bodhisattva Collection
About Us

The Bodhisattva Collection represents the fruit of 20 years experience in the field of Asian art and antiques. It is the birth of a business from a long held passion, of circling the globe in search of the most beautiful objects that human hands could create. From the very first adventure in Thailand 20 years ago that whet our appetite for Asian art, to subsequent jaunts across the planet including India, Indonesia, Burma (Myanmar), China, Japan, and Vietnam, we have been further and further drawn into the rich and beautiful world of Asian art and antiques. As opportunities for such far flung travel became more difficult to come by in later years, the collection grew nevertheless through acquisitions from esteemed private collections, the major auction houses, and some of the finest dealers in the USA and Europe. Now after 20 years of nearly insatiable collecting, and after several years of consigning pieces through the auction market and other dealers, we are proud to open our doors to the public with our own internet storefront.

Here at The Bodhisattva Collection, we emphasize superior quality and unimpeachable authenticity. As detailed further under our LIFETIME AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEE, we guarantee the authenticity of all antiques we sell. Not just for 10 days or 14 days or 30 days, but a lifetime guarantee.

Additionally, one of our goals is to elevate the entire "collector experience" for our clientele, especially for novice collectors who probably need the most guidance. While too humble to consider ourselves experts per se, we do have a considerable corpus of knowledge and experience we are happy to share. Accordingly, we include as much descriptive and historical information about our pieces as is reasonably possible, without going overboard (hopefully) and sounding pedantic. We find great satisfaction in helping educate fellow collectors besides just selling to them, and we hope you share our fascination with the history of these pieces. We want our site to be a place where you can learn as well as buy. Furthermore, we encourage our clientele to further their own art and antique literacy through the publication of our recommended library of "must have" texts.


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