The Bodhisattva Collection: imari, satsuma, blue and white porcelain, ivory, lacquer   The Bodhisattva Collection

Question: How can The Bodhisattva Collection be so confident in the authenticity of its antiques that it can offer a Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee on these items?

Answer: There are several reasons for this. First, many of our top-tier pieces have been acquired over the years either through the major auction houses (Sotheby's and Christie's), or from top dealers and private collections in the US and Europe. Thus, these pieces came into our possession with an already well-established provenance. Second, as collectors for over 20 years before becoming dealers, we have been fortunate to make several important professional contacts within the art and antique markets, experts we now consider friends, who have graciously provided us guidance over the years in vetting our pieces. These are experts in their respective disciplines, and have either worked for some of the main Western museums, or have worked as Specialists at the major auction houses, or who are respected dealers in their own right. This has proven invaluable to us. Like many other collectors and especially during our early days, there were instances when we made mistakes and were taken advantage of by unscrupulous and/or unknowledgeable dealers who sold us bad pieces. But since then, we have aligned ourselves with some of the most knowledgeable people in the field, whose guidance continues to foster our own expertise. Third, over the last few years as we began to privately sell-off some of our holdings before launching The Bodhisattva Collection, we consigned several of our better pieces back through Sotheby's, Christie's, and other dealers. In the course of that endeavor, most of our pieces were vetted once again, so we are completely confident in the authenticity of our antiques.


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