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Sales Policy

Sales and Returns:

Collecting art and antiques should be a purely joyful endeavor, and we want our customers to be happy with their purchases. Accordingly, The Bodhisattva Collection offers our Buyers a 7 day Inspection Period with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, minus shipping and insurance. This means the Buyer has 7 calendar days from delivery of an item to determine whether to keep it. If Buyer wishes to return an item pursuant to this 7 day Inspection Period, Buyer must:

a) Notify us by email for a return authorization no later than the end of the 7th calendar day.

b) Have the item re-packed and postmarked for return to us no later than an additional 3 calendar days after the return authorization is given.

c) Insure the item for the full sale price for return shipment. Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance.

d) Return said item in the exact same condition it was sent. Refunds can only be made after the item has been received back by us in the same condition we sent it. For any items being returned because of claims of damage, the Buyer must properly document the alleged damage with the shipper/carrier so that proper follow through can be made on an insurance claim for the damage. The Buyer is still responsible for returning damaged items to us and we must receive them back in our possession, before any refunds can be considered or assistance with the insurance claims process can commence.

If 7 days from delivery have elapsed and Buyer has not notified us by email of intent to return said item, then all sales are final at that point, notwithstanding our Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee which is a separate guarantee with no time limit, and is discussed further below.

Please note that all items offered are subject to prior sale. We may also cancel or rescind any order at any time prior to shipment for any reason within our sole discretion.

Any applicable Customs and duties fees are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. We cannot be responsible for any disputes between Buyer and Customs in this regard.

Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee:

We offer a Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee for every antique we sell. As Collectors for many years ourselves, we are acutely aware that there is misrepresentation and outright fraud taking place in the online antique market these days. Understanding the risks that Buyers face in purchasing from disreputable Dealers, our clientele can rest assured they are purchasing only genuine antiques from us. A Buyer should never have the experience of buying a supposed "antique," only to find out after the applicable return period has expired, that what they bought was not genuine. Yet this type of thing, sadly, goes on every single day in the online antique market. But not here at The Bodhisattva Collection. If you ever discover that an antique we sold you differs materially in age from how we represented it, we will accept it back for a full refund minus shipping and insurance. We are confident we will never have to make good on this guarantee, as almost all our items have already been vetted by our expert consultants. But in the rare instance that a mistake is made, we will promptly refund your money, but must ask that the Buyer comply with the following conditions for our protection as well: a) The item in question must have been inspected in person by a Specialist at either of the three main auction houses (Sotheby's, Christie's, or Bonham's), and you must provide us their written assessment stating they examined the piece in person and that we have made a material mistake in dating it. The reason we require that inspection take place in person, is simply because 100% definitive assessments are too difficult from photos alone, and we have no control over the quality of photos you might be supplying to an appraiser. There are also physical characteristics of certain pieces that can only be properly assessed by handling in person. We think this is fair and reasonable. Then, we will contact the auction house in question to verify the bonafides of the assessment you provided, and if confirmed we have made a material mistake in dating, we will promptly authorize a return to us. Buyer must then: b) Ship the item back to us, shipping and insurance for return shipment is the responsibility of the Buyer. We must receive back the item in the same condition we sent it to you at time of purchase. Upon receipt by us with these conditions having been satisfied, we will provide your refund within 3 business days. We are proud to guarantee and stand behind our antiques in this manner, and we encourage Buyers to purchase antiques only from Dealers who do the same.

Shipping Considerations / Damage Claims:

At The Bodhisattva Collection, we are especially attentive and careful with our packing. As Collectors ourselves, we know there is nothing worse than anticipating arrival of a new acquisition, only to open the box and find a broken item inside. Thus, depending upon size, most breakables are very generously bubble wrapped and then also packed "box within a box" for maximum protection. In addition, we also reinforce our boxes. It can be very time consuming to pack an item this carefully, but it is not a service we charge for. We simply consider it part of doing business correctly. That said, in the unlikely event that despite our efforts to safeguard your purchase it still suffers damage in transit, we cannot be responsible for this and it must be resolved between Buyer and Carrier. We will make every effort to assist with any claims as best we can on behalf of the Buyer, but understand we cannot be ultimately responsible for such extraordinary occurences. We will act diligently on your behalf as your representative to facilitate resolution of any claims, but the Buyer is ultimately the claimholder against the Carrier in such circumstances. We strongly recommend that all items be fully insured for shipment. For any items claimed to have been damaged during shipping, the Buyer must document the damage by filing the appropriate damage claim report with the carrier/shipper who transported the parcel, and ship the item back to us and have it received by us for inspection before we can assist any further with the claims process.


UPDATED DECEMBER 5th, 2009: In order to add greater payment flexibility for our customers, we are expanding our payment options to include PAYPAL, which will enable payment by most major credit cards. We will also continue to accept payment by wire transfer, bank check, personal check, and Western Union for those customers who prefer to pay by those means.


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