The Bodhisattva Collection
A Very Fine Kangxi Period (1662-1722) Phoenix Bowl
Blanc de Chine Guanyin, Kangxi, From the Vung Tau Wreck
Large and Rare Transitional Period (1635-1650) Bowl
Fine Blanc de Chine Fu Dogs, Ming-Shunzhi 1620-1650
A Rare Pair of Song Dynasty Qingbai Vases 960-1279 AD
A Rare Song Dynasty Buddhist Vessel with Oxford TL Test
A Very Rare Song Dynasty Stoneware Jar 960-1279 AD
A Large Song Dynasty Funerary Qingbai Urn ca 1225 AD
On Request
An Inscribed Post-Devanagari Jar, Song-Yuan (960-1368)
A Neolithic Xiajiadian Culture Tripod 2500-1500 BC
A Very Good Han Dynasty Hu Jar 100 BC - 08 AD
A Fine and Large Majiayao Neolithic Jar with TL Test
An Exceptional Northern Qi Tomb Guardian, 550-577 AD
A Very Good Qin or Han Dynasty Cocoon Jar