The Bodhisattva Collection
Circle of Thomas Hudson (1701-1779) Portrait of a Gentleman
A Very Fine Historical Oil Painting by R. A. Hillingford (1828-1904)
On Request
A Stunning Oil on Canvas Vista by August Fischer, dated 1886
A Very Good 17th century Italian School Oil Painting, Ecce Homo
A Fine Large Oil Painting by Ignaz Marcel Gaugengigl
On Request
English School, 19th Century, Mary Queen of Scots
On Request
A Fine Oil Painting by William Robert Symonds, 1875
On Request
Carl Johann Spielter, "Sad News," Painted in 1901
"Warning to the Wicked Ezekiel", late 17th /early 18th
T. B. D
A Wonderful Oil Painting by John Bagnold Burgess 1860
A Large 19th Century Nautical Oil Painting dated 1871
On Request
A Fine Oil Painting on Board, Edouard Ender 1822-1883
Hermann Werner, Original Oil Painting, Dated 1868
A Fine 19th Cent Oil Painting, William Anslow Thornley
On Request
A Good 19th Century Oil on Canvas, British School