The Bodhisattva Collection
Extra Photos for Item 990732, Published Burmese Buddha
A Large, Published, Inscribed, Dated, Burmese Buddha
A Beautiful Vintage Persian Rug Circa 1925-50, Isfahan
An Inscribed Five-Clawed Dragon Memorial Censer, 1934
A Fine and Large Tempura on Silk Original "Peshawar"
A Handsome Persian Heriz Rug
A Very Striking Vintage Persian Silk/Cotton Kilim Rug
A Good and Large Vintage Indonesian Batik "Painting"
A Large and Beautiful Egermann Bohemian Crystal Vase
A Beautiful Egermann Bohemian Crystal Compote
Vintage American Nightstands, Carpathian Elm, 1950's
A Fine Afghani Tribal Rug, Handmade & Mineral Dyes
A Good Set of Egermann Bohemian Crystal Wine Glasses
A Good Set of Ceremonial Lacquer Sake Bowls, Showa
An Exceptional Lacquered and Gilded Ko Kaw Tee, Burma
On Request
An Elegant Vintage Hardwood Console Table, ca 1950
A Fine and Massive Vintage Burmese Kalaga
A Burmese Ink on Palm Leaf Sutra