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Tsuba en bronze argenté d'un katana aux singes

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De Nara à Meïji.Des Shang aux Qing

The Sakura Conservatory has housed Asian art objects for 48 years. It is an underground room that hosts a thousand mainly Japanese objects from all period, Kamakura, Muromachi but of course mainly Edo to Meiji periods. There are also some Chinese items from the Shang to the Qing and few pieces Himalaya and Koréa. Some Japanese art work are extremely rare and not for sale, others are complex and have been studied for many years, revealing their secret over time or keeping their mystery. Do not hesitate to submit your misunderstood objects to us even if they are not for sale. Research and study being our greatest pleasures. This humbly with a lot of modesty .
Lion bronze doré incrusté de jade.
Fiabilité Reliability

The items offered are carefully examined. They are all old and their conditions, defects, restorations, wear and fractures are described with sincerity. When in doubt, we do not sell. We give our opinion on the origin or the time of creation but we are aware that we are not infallible, the world of art being infinite. Our goal is for you to be delighted with your purchase and to take care of this art works to allow them to continue their life through time. You can possibly come to the conservatory to see them and take them in hand, by appointment.Please don't call because we don't understand english correctly however we are able to read it. Your messages will be welcome. Scuse for our bad english.

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