Conservatoire Sakura Conservatoire Sakura
Chinese or Tibetan reliquery pendant in silver gilt and coral.
Chinese Hard Stone Bead Necklace
Small Chinese or Japanese cast bronze tripod censer.
Chinese bronze bell
Chinese square bronze vase with Taotie decoration
Tripod bronze incense burner Xuande Mark.
Sancai Roaster Tang period
Chinese bronze incense burner Ming or earlier périod
Chinese archaic pendant in bronze. Dragon,Tiger or Bird.
Chinese vase in black glazed stoneware Ming period
Silk velvet panel Kien-long period Qing dynasty
Bronze pagoda cast in 3 parts. Ming period or earlier.
Chinese lacquered box inlay with mother of pearl Ming périod.
Snuff bottle in Duan stone. Qing.
snuff bottle in green and white glass. Carved with praying Mantis
Snuff bottle in white jadeite. Qing dynasty
Chinese red lacquered carved and painted box Tsing périod.
Snuff bottle white jade bone patina. Qing dynasty.