Asian Fine Arts from Tibet, Nepal, China, Japan and Korea Dragon's Pearl
Ancestor worship, spirit tablet, dated Guangxu 1891
Unique root-wood flower receptacle.
Fine water container, boxwood (huangyangmu shuiyin)
Spill vase in the form of a stylized tree trunk
A boxwood lidded container (huangyangmu chayehe).
Unusual brush rest in the shape of a dragon-fish. Qing
Fine bronze group depicting Kanzan and Jittoku. Edo
Small, cylindrical boxwood brushpot (huangyang bitong)
Large spillvase for the scholar’s table. Late 19th c.
Brush washer (Hongmu shuiyin) for the scholar’s table
Small brushpot (bitong) of partly carved boxwood. Qing
Small hongmu spillvase. Qing, 19th cent.
A fine silver bowl, by Master Sing Fat. Early 20th cent. Weight: 432 g
Large & impressive bronze lions. Genryusai Seiya zo
Fine blue-white porcelain dish with phoenixes
Dynamic bronze sculpture by Hiroyoshi. Early Showa
Majestic incense burner (koro) stylized phoenix
Yak headpiece with Kalacakra symbol.