Asian Fine Arts from Tibet, Nepal, China, Japan and Korea Dragon's Pearl
Antique Tibetan Zitan Wood Image of Bodhisattva Chenrezig.
Japanese Early Showa Bronze Study of a Pheasant by Seika
Japanese Antique Tea Ceremony Black Oribe Chawan Teacup
Complete Set of Tibetan Saddle Rugs with Snow Lions design
Japanese Lacquer Vase, Negoro Lacquer, Flower Vase
Modern Bamboo Flower Basket Hanakago, Morita Chikuyosai
Bamboo Basket, Hanakago, by Toyokasu Hoichi
Chinese scroll with pair of album leaves. 19th cent.
Japanese Hammered Pure Silver Teapot Pumpkin shape. 660 gr
Nepalese Wood Sculpture of Dipankara Buddha Head
Japan Buddhist Gohonzon, graphic Representation of the Lotus Sutra
Zen motif: The Monkey Reaching for the Moon’s Reflection
Erotic Album Leaf of an Amorous Couple, 19th century
Chinese Unique Bronze Sculpture Shaped as a Scholar Rock. Qing.
Chinese Wood Carving of a Branch with Fruit and Leaves
Japanese Vintage Oribe Chawan, Tea Bowl
Fine Teapot with Miniature Poetic Impression by Yamada Jozan II
Japanese Bronze Model of a Greyhound by Yoshizumi Yokoe
Natural Amber Lump of the Highest Quality, 175 grams.
Chinese Hardwood and Mother of Pearl Stationary Tray, Qing
Tanoue Shinya Sculptural Eggshell Vessel Kara Shell
Tanabe Chikuunsai 2nd Hanakago, Bamboo Flower Basket
Chinese Still Life painting with Hosta and Archaic Bronze Vessels
Unique Ceramic Scholar’s Okimono of Mountain Kozuyama
Japanese Antique Rare Set of Sex Toys, Edo period
Japanese Unique Okimono Miniature Iron Rock with 3 crabs
Prowling Tiger By Yukiyama, Nagasaki School painter
Large Sculpture of Daruma, Patriarch of Japanese Zen Buddhism.
Japanese Modern Kutani vase by Yamada Masatoshi (b 1948)
Japanese Bijin Beautiful Girl painting by Nobumaru, Meiji
A Japanese modern bamboo basket Ikebana.
Chinese Rare Bamboo Incense Burner (zhudiao xianglu )
Great Iron Tetsubin Water Kettle, Tea Ceremony Ryubundo lid.
Japanese Modern Arita Porcelain Vase By Yasuaki Maeda
Rare Japanese Buddhist Kundika Bronze Ewer, Late Momoyama-Edo
Antique Tea bowl Chawan for Tea Ceremony. Mino yaki