Asian Fine Arts from Tibet, Nepal, China, Japan and Korea Dragon's Pearl
Zen motive painting " The herdsman and water buffalos" Edo
Large charger with the Seven Gods of Good Luck, signed Shoge
A charming small size sleeping cat. Kutani.
An Edo period fine calligraphic work with oil lamp.
Three well painted Shunga scenes with a loving couples. Meiji period
Antique tea bowl from Tofukuji, Kyoto & Zen inscription
Antique "spirit stone" rootwood embracing stone DARUMA
Unusual & rare plate with Imari decoration. Meiji
Fine Antique Japanese Ship Safe Box (Fune Bako)
Large Porcelain image of the White Robed Kannon. Meiji period
Japanese Silver Sake Ewer and silver & cloisonné cups. Meiji
Japanese Pure Silver Vase. Mark Miyamoto Kinsei, made by Bishin
Great Copper Kettle (do’bin) By Okumura Sugaji, Edo 19th cent.
Fine Shishi Koro in Kamakura Lacquer by SHUNSHO
Large, impressive old Bizen image of Bodhidharma (Daruma)
Unusual flower vase (Hanaire) for flower arrangement.
Rare Pair of Okimono Mandarin Ducks OSHIDORI Root Wood.
Beautiful hammered silver tea container (natsume) for Tea Ceremony