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Longquan Celadon White Glaze Crackled Bowl Guan Ware

Longquan Celadon White Glaze Crackled Bowl Guan Ware

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The identification of Ge and Guan ware has been widely debated in China. Some maintain that Ge was a variant of Guan ware without the royal perfection. In addition to the glaze tone and texture, experts point to specific differences in body composition, potting and numbers of glaze layers. It is believed that Guan ware was given unique disposition by the royal ceramists. To reproduce the Guan ware celadon from Longquan kiln is the life-time goal of some provincial masters such as Mr. Lu Weisun.

The Large White Glaze Crackled Bowl is an exquisite celadon ware with crackled glaze all over it inside and out. Crackle, a network of irregular cracks in the glaze caused by a disagreement in the rate of shrinkage between body and glaze during cooling. From the Song Dynasty and onward crackles seems to have been intentionally produced as decoration. The appearance could be stained with soot or other pigment being rubbed into the cracks. Crackle decoration is to be found on Song Dynasty wares such as Guan and Ge. The crackle of fine brownish lines and thicker transparent lines is called ‘Gold Thread and Silver Wire’. The transparent cracks will keep growing after manufacture on a very slow pace for many years.

The most impressive nature of crackled glazing is its uniqueness. No two of the textures can be the same. The white glaze that Lu Weisun used was not the pure but inclined toward grey color. The rare and unadorned presentation without the glass-shine tone makes this nice potting stoneware a Guan ware in 21st Century.

In order to create the jade-like impression the celadon ceramist has to repeat the glazing for several layers. Thicker glaze creates the greater visual effect but on the other hand, the difficulty to manage the glazes presentation multiples.

Lu Weisun is one of the gurus in making such artwork. This is a stunning example of Lu’s artwork, a very large bowl with his top ranking potting skill that is simply magical. Guanware-like, the celadon glazing is extremely thick and prismatic. It is in perfect condition and Lu Weisun’s signature on base with certificate signed and original packaging box form his workshop.

Year of completion: 2006

Mouth Rim Diameter: 18.5cm

Height: 12.5cm


Lu Weisun was born in 1962 at Longquan City of Zhejiang Province. He started his potter career at Celadon Research Institution of Longquan since his graduation from local ceramics professional school in 1983. After few years work Lu Weisun went to the Ceramics Department of China Art Academy for further study the in-depth theory and advance skills. In 1997 Lu built his workshop and kiln after his career at Celadon Research Institution of Longquan.

Lu Weisun's celadon artworks not only exhibit a natural, decent and classic sense of style, his many experiences in twisting both Ge and Di kiln clays had produced new and unique helical pattern that was authentically Lu Weisun's innovation. Moreover Lu is praised one of the best few potting masters within modern Chinese ceramists. The outstanding result partially came from his continuous work and study during the days as Research Director at Celadon Research Institution of Longquan.

Lu Weisun is a true celadon artist who concentrates all his effort in potting innovation. He believes that simple is beautiful. He not only keeps challenging the limitation of Longquan celadon size but put many innovations during the potting process. It is said that Lu Weisun’s artwork visual effect starts from few minutes’ close watching. The observer will be inspired from the combination of shape, color tone and glaze pattern.

As today Lu Weisun is the Art and Craft Master of Zhejiang Province in China.