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About Us

Envision Emotion was created out of a love of Japanese porcelain and pottery. More than 10 years ago, we started our collection with a single Fukagawa vase depicting a misty, blue and white landscape surrounding Mount Fuji. The beauty of that vase opened up a whole new appreciation of Japanese art which expanded exponentially until we decided it was necessary to start selling some items.

We sold items on eBay for a while before we finally created the Envision Emotion eBay I.D. and website in 2005. Our focus has been Japanese porcelain and pottery, but we sell any Japanese art that catches our eye.

Our descriptions are created using information gleaned from an extensive library of books regarding Oriental antiques and several experts who are known for their knowledge in the field. However, we greatly appreciate input from anyone who has knowledge of an item or sees a mistake in our listings.


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