Antiques Centers may provide member-dealers with a natural extension of the antiques center experience. A uniquely branded online community may provide highly cost-effective promotion of the antiques center from coast to coast and abroad.

Add value to your dealers' contracts with optional or standard online storefront services. Significantly extend your own resources by providing your dealers with the means to maintain their own individual storefronts. Become a dominant online brand with little effort by using our search engine optimized Express Groups product and sharing our developed traffic.

Dealer storefronts and items will appear in your online community which will enjoy its own "look and feel" and category structure. Your brand would be most prominent on pages in your group. Dealer brands would be prominent on participating member pages. If you collect commissions and wish to manage communications and sales for participating dealers, simply provide the antiques center's contact information for dealer sites.

Your dealers will benefit from high exposure (1) with their own website, (2) in the antique center's group and (3) in the popular TROCADERO community. Your member-dealers are your clients. We will provide support to you and to your member-dealers through you.


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