Manage an Express Group from the
convenience of your own desktop with no
investment in development or hardware.

Premier Groups

When Forming a Group, please express your interest from the Contact Us page. You should have at least a dozen candidates committed to participate upon launch. Your request must meet other criteria such as proposed content and intended use. Once approved, you will open an account (if you don't already have one) and we will enable functionality. Your Express Group will be "turned on" for purposes of promotion by TROCADERO after sufficient members are actively participating. While TROCADERO may link to a group, promotion and marketing is primarily the responsibility of the group manager.

When Joining a Group, contact the manager of that community. Each Express Group provides links to contact information. If you are not already a TROCADERO member and wish to join a group, please let them know of your interest. They will provide you with registration details and resources. Each storefront may participate in one Express Group and in the TROCADERO community. If you are already a member of TROCADERO, you may still ask to participate in an Express Group. Simply contact the group manager for participation costs and to be included. Your storefront must be either an E-Commerce or an Enterprise account. If you have more than one specialty and would like to participate in two or more Express Groups, it is permissible to register additional accounts for that purpose.

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